have domain name what next???

  thetrickster 21:58 14 Aug 2007

I have bought a domain name, and wondering what is my next step. i am slightly confused as i have not yet designed my web page. Is this done before i approach a web hosting company or will they offer this service when i sign up. Bearing in mind i only require a very small amount of space to design my site.

  DieSse 00:11 15 Aug 2007

You have several possibilities.

Some hosting companies have a facility to help design your website - so you would sign up with one and use what they have.

Others will (for a price!), design and host a site.

Of you could design the site yourself on your own system - then find a place to host it.

A lot depends on why you want a website - to say what and to do what, and how much traffic you might expect, and how much time you want to put in to learn the techniques of web design, versus promoting your site/business.

Depending on the answer you could opt for free hosting and free design software. Or you could pay anything from a little to a lot.

As an example, here is a simple site click here , using a free hosting service, and constructed with a very very simple to use (no coding at all) design program click here

  Forum Editor 00:30 15 Aug 2007

The first thing to be aware of is that you haven't 'bought' a domain name - you've registered one in your name for a fixed period, and what you've paid for is the right to use that name for that period. You'll need to renew your registration at regular intervals if you want to carry on using the name. Nobody owns a domain name.

The company through which you made the registration will have the name 'parked', which means it's sitting on their server, waiting for you to do something with it. You have two options:

1. You can sign up for a hosting account with that company.

2. You can sign up with another company.

If you opt to stay with the original company they'll allocate some server space for your domain name, and you can design and upload your website to it - or get someone else to do the designing and uploading.

If you opt to have a different company as your host you can either move the name to that company's name server, or leave it with the parking company and have it 'pointed' to your new hosting account.

Regardless of who is going to design the site it's a good idea to get the hosting situation finalised now. If you're going to have a crack at designing your own site you'll want to have the name hosted so you can upload your work as it proceeds. If someone else is going to do that for you they'll need to know wher the name is hosted, and they'll need the server login details. Generally speaking it's a better idea to have the hosting under your control, rather than let a third-party web designer decide which company will host the name.

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