Hassle with trying to use dual screen monitor...

  HMG1K 22:45 14 Nov 2009

I'm having a problem with my new dual screen set up on my PC - the PC 'forgets' which screen should be monitor 1 and which should be screen 2.

I want screen 1 on the left (monitor 1) and screen 2 on the right (monitor 2). This was fine on the first three occasions booting up, however there are times when the PC swaps this on boot up. (So screen 1 is now on Monitor 2 and screen 2 on Monitor 1).

This leaves me having to move my mouse on the right hand monitor 2 all the way off the screen, to the right, so that it comes onto monitor 1 on the left handside. I can't cross between the two monitors in the middle (as what would be normal) as it won't let me. It thinks the middle of the two monitors (put together side by side) is the the outer edges so a no go area.

I hope this doesn't sound confusing!

Is there a way to prevent this? Also on Monitor 1, the PC won't load my colour preferences, but will on Monitor 2 perfectly. I have to go into Monitor 1 settings and manually chose the setting I've saved.

Thanks in advance.

  User-1229748 22:55 14 Nov 2009

it's a long shot but you could try swapping them over unless you needed them the way they are now for any reason

  ArrGee 23:15 14 Nov 2009

What video card do you have? I have a dual screen set-up and I have an nVidia card. I use the nVidia controls to set my screens correctly and not through the display properties on control panel?

  HMG1K 23:25 14 Nov 2009

Using ATI. I use that to set my colour settings and save the file. Except XP won't pick up the colour settings for monitor 1 but will for monitor 2.

I use the Windows settings to determin which is monitor 1 and which is 2.

Have I perhaps wired them up wrongly?

Here's how I have it.

CABLE 1: From port 1 on the graphics card to port 1 on Monitor 1.

CABLE 2: From port 2 on the same graphics card to port 1 on Monitor 2.

  ArrGee 23:31 14 Nov 2009

It's not the wiring, it's the setting within the ATI control panel for dual screen, so it's best to use that instead of Windows settings.

Regarding colours, do you have the correct drivers installed for each monitor?

  woodchip 23:50 14 Nov 2009

Shut PC down and if they are VGA cables try swapping them over

  HMG1K 09:01 15 Nov 2009

I've set the colours in teh ATI panel for each monitor. So in the Display tab >> Advanced I set the colour using the ATI tab there and save my preference for monitor 1. Then, I go back to the Display tab in Windows XP, select the second monitor and then go Advanced and do the same. When I reboot, monitor 2 picks up the colour setting, so does monitor 1, but then monitor 1, seconds later on the desktop boot up reverts to the standard settings.

I've installed the drivers for the monitors using the HP install disc that came with them.

I'm using DVI cables. It throws me that with the way the screens behave, being able to move the mouse across the screens, through the middle, it works as it should for a few boot ups. But then it goes nuts and won't allow me to cross the screen through the middle, and thinks that monitor 1 and 2 are the opposite way around when I ask to idenify them.

Could it be a corrupt file that I could replace or delete and Windows then replaces it?

Thanks for all your help so far.

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