Has PCA been off to-night

  birdface 23:01 18 Apr 2007

Has PCA been off most of the night or amI having problems with my computer.

  rodriguez 23:02 18 Apr 2007

Off for a few hours I think. Just left it and peridically came back to check and it's come back on again now.

  I am Spartacus 23:02 18 Apr 2007

It must have gone about 19:34. So, no it's not your PC.

  birdface 23:04 18 Apr 2007

They seem to be having a few problems with it lately, Maybe thats all sorted now,

  rodriguez 23:05 18 Apr 2007

Also if you look at the posts, there's a big gap from 19:34 till now which also indicates no one has been able to get on it.

  birdface 23:06 18 Apr 2007

Ok thanks all will class this as resolved.

  bluto1 23:12 18 Apr 2007

I agree with everyone here , but one question comes to mind. How many of our subscribers are trying to get here at the same time?
If it`s not that, then if PCA are having a servicing period I think they should have the courtesy to tell us in advance, so we then leave the web site alone for the requisite time.
However, if it`s not that, what the hell is it?

  birdface 23:23 18 Apr 2007

Whatever went wrong,I am sure they got it repaired as quick as they could.Even IP.Providers have there problems but they will have hundreds of engineers on call to do repairs ,I have no idea how a website is run but would imagine it would be run with the minimum supervision therefore harder to be repaired quickley

  birdface 08:02 19 Apr 2007

Looks as though its been off most of the night as well.

  six-h 08:24 19 Apr 2007

I think it's my fault, I needed help setting up a wireless router and when I could nolonger connect to the PCA server, suspected my router was dickie, I think the system just got sick of me pestering it! -still having problemsthough, so I'll try again.

  birdface 08:30 19 Apr 2007

Sorry but I know nothing about routers so cant help,Hope that you will be able to stay on long enough to get the help required.

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