Has this PC finally died?

  andywg 12:14 09 Nov 2005

Hi, have had a friend of mines PC here because it kept coming up with the dreaded blue screen of death, formated the hard disk, updated every thing, and even added SP2, still did the same, (blue screen). Took out every component, (mem, sound card, graphics card etc) still the same! Tested them in my older pc, they were all working fine!
Now this morning tried it again, crashed again! tried to reboot and now its dead! No power, nothing! I replaced the psu, still dead, tested cpu in my machine, that worked fine.
Has motherboard given up and that was causing the faults?
Any advice would be very useful...I seem to have covered all the angles but it I think its ready for computer heaven..
Hope someone can advise here...Many thanks..

  Ironman556 12:46 09 Nov 2005

How old and what spec is the PC?

It sounds like you've tested everything but the mother board. Have you tested the Hard Drives?Run a thorough scan on them to rule them out (check for bad sectors etc.), then if it's worth it why not see if you can pick up a motherboard and try putting everythign onto that.

  andywg 13:22 09 Nov 2005

Hi, it is an old pc, pent-3 600 mghz cpu, 40 gig hd, old graphics and sound card. It was running XP pro before it gave out. I did test the hard disk and it seemed ok. That would not make it die thought would it? I mean there are no fans, beeps..nothing!

Thanks for your help..

  Ironman556 19:59 15 Nov 2005

A faulty disk may cause blue screen by writing corrupt data, but you would still get some response from the BIOS.

That only leaves motherboard, PSU or possibly CPU and as you've tested the PSU and CPU it can only be the motherboard.

If you can get hold of an old unused PIII motherboard it might be worth building the system on that, loading it all up with windows etc. and seeing if it's stable.

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