Has the PC Advisor Website been Hacked?

  JayDay 13:05 11 Nov 2009

When I try to access the PC Advisor website today I keep getting a Blackberry Advert. I click on the skip this ad link and then get a Blackberry Advisor Page which I can't get off?

I have to close my browser and go to the PC Advisor website a second time before I can get to the forums!

It's *[email protected]:ing me right of!

  setecio 13:13 11 Nov 2009

Indeed, they deserve a 'How to drive surfers away from your web site' award. Maybe they plan to use the extra advertising revenue they get to cut the price of the mag, or maybe it will be to try and make up the loss of subscribers who say 'well if their web site is like that, the mag will just be full of adverts!'. Don't you love the highly qualified consultants who advise such changes!

  User-1229748 13:14 11 Nov 2009

there were problems with the ad but i thought they were sorted

  GaT7 13:22 11 Nov 2009

Forum thread concerning the issue click here. G

  JayDay 13:34 11 Nov 2009

I see the FE has tried to justify it by saying just one click gets rid of it. Well it doesn't it takes you to another damn page and you can't get back to them main forum. Adblock Plus doesn't get rid of the irritation either.

  Kevscar1 13:38 11 Nov 2009

Had the problem for the first time today. Happened when I clicked on a thread and you are right, clicking didn't get rid of it, took me to a page that didn't load. Had to shutdown and restart browser.

  Input Overload 13:44 11 Nov 2009

The web site sadly doesn't run on fresh air, how would you moaners pay for the substantial costs?

I'm sure PCA will happily accept donations & if there were enough maybe they could run it without ads. Time to get the plastic out, I think a donation of £50 per user a year would suffice.

Anyone would think the 4 horses of the apocalypse had been routed directly along with entire virus vault of Norton into your PC's. You really need to get out more, it's a lovely day here in Derbyshire.

  Input Overload 13:46 11 Nov 2009

BTW I've been on PCA on and off all morning & had no problems, but then I rarely do. I can't think why.

  JayDay 13:47 11 Nov 2009

I am not so naive as to think the forum can run on fresh air. However this latest advert is so intrusive it makes coming to the site a bit of a chore.

  InTheCity 13:50 11 Nov 2009

adblock plus must get rid of it.As I run adblock plus i dont see any ads.
I suggest you clear your cookies and update your adblock plus filters.

  provider 2 13:51 11 Nov 2009

Strange ... I`m running Firefox 3.5 and Adblock Plus with the EasyList(USA) filter and I see nothing of this ad at all on this page or on the links I`ve clicked.

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