Has my Email address been Hi-jacked?

  PhiltheFragger 09:16 08 Mar 2004

Recently have received a few emails in the form of an "undeliverable message" which I supposidly sent a day or 2 ago.

The addresses involved are not known to me and i feel that my address may be being used by a spammer.

Can I do anything to avoid this.

I use Mailwasher to preview everything
Adaware for spyware and
AVG for antivirus


  Jester2K 09:19 08 Mar 2004

Nothing you can do.

Just delete and do not open.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:20 08 Mar 2004

Not much that can be done - the mail is either a virus, been sent from someone who has you in their address book, and hence using you as a "from" address, or, a spammer has used your email address as a "from" address.

Give it a few days and it should die down - my Yahoo mail was once used in this way and after about 10 days the deluge died down.

  anon1 09:21 08 Mar 2004

You could consider doing an online scan for virus click here even though you may have upto date av it is still worth checking for your own peace of mind.

  961 10:20 08 Mar 2004

click here

will provide small downloads to disable windows messenger and help stop your computer being used as a server

Spybot search and destroy and spywareblaster are also a good idea. Both are free

Read about this one, it's a virus, also comes in the form of Re:Re: or Fwd: Fwd: so if you don't know the name of the person who sent it, just delete it without opening it.

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