Has my CPU blown?

  stoner 21:09 21 Apr 2003

Is it possible to "blow" a CPU (P3)?
I have tried everything but my motherboard (MicroStar 6154 Ver.2) won't respond and I think it must be the CPU which has blown. Not even the fan sitting on top goes.

A "blown" or fried CPU will not stop the fans from turning. It sounds to me as though the PSU may have gone as you would appear not to be getting any power tot he motherboard at all. If this is the case its a relatively cheap problem to fix as PSU's can be had for £15.00 or so and upwards. See if you have a local shop that you can buy one and that will let you return it if its is not the problem.

My money is on this being the problem.

  stoner 21:42 21 Apr 2003

thanks for this Smiffy99 but first I am going to test my PSU which does hum encouragingly when I switch it on.
I am just thinking of a method to test it .....
taking the CPU fan and connecting it directly into the connectors from the PSU
hoping I won't blow myself up.....

  jeez 22:23 21 Apr 2003

Just cos the psu fan works dosen't mean it's working. I've come across many faulty psu's even one that supplied all the correct voltages to the drives but the channel which supplies the mobo was faulty. Don't play with faulty psu's, that's a very bad idea, even when it's turned off there are components inside which can still deliver a lethal 240v shock. Get a new one life's worth more than 15 quid!

  stoner 23:17 21 Apr 2003

thanks jeez,
but who said the PSU fan was working? It doesn't!
The unit merely "hums" very quietly when I switch it on but I bought it new from dabs.com and it cost £30+ not £15!!

  woodchip 23:23 21 Apr 2003

PSU is up the spout for shure, You cannot test a PSU without load on it, as they are not a standard Transformer but are what is known as a switching transformer they only work when there is a load i.e Fan etc.

  stoner 23:31 21 Apr 2003

precisely what I mean .......
if the motherboard is not calling for power the PSU won't give it and the PSU fan won't kick in until it hears the call .......
so quite possibly there is nothing wrong with the PSU?

  woodchip 23:36 21 Apr 2003

Yes but the PSU fan should work

  woodchip 23:37 21 Apr 2003

PS plus you would have lights on the CD rom drive etc as these get power direct from PSU

  Murray 23:59 21 Apr 2003

def sounds like dead PSU, before you get a new one - it's worth trying to figure why it died - could just be old age, but possibly a new component asked too much of it.

What sort of things have you got inside the box - lots of disks, fancy graphics card, fast athlon CPU??? if yes to lots of the above you'll need 450W at least to replace it, find one with active Power Factor Correction (PFC) as this will deliver 'cleaner' power - won't go into the physics, but it is better. And worth spending more on a decent PSU (have a search in the forum for past stories)

  stoner 09:53 22 Apr 2003

woodchip, are you saying that plugging in any PSU to the mains and switching it on (whether or not its connected to a motherboard) would start the PSU fan automatically?

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