Has my computer been attacked by malware?

  dusters 09:06 06 Feb 2011

Yesterday I was using Firefox to search for a vehicle part on the internet. Suddenly a box appeared on my screen saying that AVG had found dangerous threats on my computer (I have never had AVG on this computer)and the control panel appeared to open. Windows Security Centre seemed to be saying that there was a problem and shield symbols appeared next to various things like my Documents & Settings, indicating that they were infected. I clicked on the X button to close the box as I was deeply suspicious, although 'AVG' appeared inside the Firefox logo, but instead of closing the box a file began to download very rapidly with DAP. There was a message saying I should run something to deal with these threats. This all happened incredibly quickly. Luckily DAP gave me the option to cancel the download, which I did.
I use f-secure and, worryingly, it was actually just finishing a scan when this happened. It reported no problems.
I then scanned my computer with Malwarebytes which found a Trojan Dropper and dealt with it.
I then scanned again with f-secure which also came back OK.
What I don't know is if this strange occurrence
yesterday was anything to with the Trojan or if it was something else, and can I be sure it has gone?
Any advice or info would be welcome.

  birdface 09:27 06 Feb 2011

Maybe you got it in time.
It is normally known as a drive by trojan download.
If you have C Cleaner run that or if you use I/E try tools And delete browsing history.
What you need is an anti-malware program that gives you full time protection.
I understand Malwarebytes Pro is a one off payment and that would stop programs like that downloading on to your computer.
Security suites or anti-virus programs will not stop the likes of that happening again.

  birdface 09:40 06 Feb 2011

Maybe give this a run it works very quick just to see if it finds any problems.

click here

  cowgirl66 10:08 06 Feb 2011

or this one. It's worked for me many times.

Use the Free Edition.

click here

  Halmer 11:25 06 Feb 2011

My next door neighbour was on her PV doing some homework research with her young grandson yesterday and the same thing happened to her.

When I looked at her PC it appeared to be showing me the control panel with red flashing warnings of viruses etc then a list of problems listed with an option to 'clean' the PC. She had chosen that option.

She has AVG and Zone Alarm but they looked like old versions. I ran SAS portable and it found 8 trojans which I removed. I rebooted and ran a full version scan then installed Comodo instead of AVG and ZA and it appears to be ok.

Going to take another look for her today to be sure.

  Halmer 11:25 06 Feb 2011

obviously sorry.

  Nontek 11:49 06 Feb 2011

I had exactly the same thing quite recently, about two weeks ago, when I have never previously been attacked in this way. I very quickly closed all the windows down, including the download that had started. I then did a full scan using MSE, it took quite a while then reported at least six or seven trojans etc - however MSE gave me a button marked 'Clean Computer' which I clicked on and hey-presto all was instantly cleaned. Have not had any problems since.

Hoorah for MSE - brilliant. I also have SAS and MalwareBytes but did not need them.

  dusters 14:41 06 Feb 2011

Thank you all for the advice & info. I will do as suggested. The only problem I have with anti malware programs that are always active is to know what will not conflict with f-secure.

  robin_x 14:58 06 Feb 2011

Do not try to click any suspicious boxes ie 'X', 'Close', 'No' etc. The buttons may run malware instead.

Instead use Task manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and end the popup via Application tab or Process tab.

Then run scans.

  Halmer 15:18 06 Feb 2011

I've installed the full version of SuperAntispyware and it's currently running. It's still finding Trojans as I type so I'll have to take another look later.

  Halmer 15:28 06 Feb 2011

to make sure that it isn't lurking in there somewhere too.

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