Has it died or not?

  josie mayhem 12:46 01 Dec 2004

Hmm, things aren't going to wel with my build.

while trying to set up a new mobo + processor, at first I was hoping that I could get away with out doing a clean install, but to no avail. Gave up on this option and decided to reformat.

But on this change I lost all graphics, nothing, not even a mention of loss of signal on the monitor, but everything was booting? I have no change to an older pci graphics card, which has set up.

Does this mean that my geforce fx 5500 has packed up (even though it's only been used for a month)or is it worth now that I've got xp reinstalled to give it another go?

Can't test it on my old mobo, because it doesn't take this card.

  xania 13:21 01 Dec 2004

There are any number of reasons why a video card could play up but the favourite is always a loose connection. And just because it worded first, does mean it will continue to work. Assuming that you now have a PCI card, you will, of course, have to adjust your BIOS settings to restart the AGP slot, then put your card in and reboot. If that fails, double check that its fully seated in the slot - this can be very hard with a new mobo, but many cards have a locking clip - make sure that's fully home. If that fails, then its time to take it back to the retailer for checking!!

  Gongoozler 15:14 01 Dec 2004

If the monitor is a model that gives a message in the absence of a signal, then if there is no signal or message the most likely cause is that the monitor isn't working. You can prove this by unplugging the signal cable when the "No Signal" message should appear. Perhaps there is no power to the monitor.

When the computer first boots, there should be a BIOS boot up screen before Windows loads, so the absence of this screen is nothing to do with either Windows or graphics drivers.

  Diemmess 17:39 01 Dec 2004

Following Gongoozler's point -"When the computer first boots, there should be a BIOS boot up screen before Windows loads, so the absence of this screen is nothing to do with either Windows or graphics drivers."

..........If nothing AT ALL happens on your monitor, try your old card temporarily.

This should show what is working and what is not.

  josie mayhem 19:47 01 Dec 2004

Sorry that I haven't replyed but I had to go into work for a coupl;e of hours.

Nope the monitor is fine, I'm using it now, with my old pci graphics card, which is working fine as well.

The agp graphic card was also working, has I was geting all relevent screns bios etc. Then on one boot every started to boot, but nothing on screen, no message or anything. and with this monitor it normaly flashes a no signal when it is intereupted during booting.

I think what I do, is now that I've got evrything settled I will put it back in, and see whats happens. If nothing then I'll take it back tomorrow with the dud psu.

I won't tick this has resolved until I've had it checked.

  Gongoozler 08:38 02 Dec 2004

I think that with most monitors the "No Signal" message is triggered by lack of synchronising pulses, so it is possible that there are synchronising pulses to be sent to the monitor to keep it from displaying the message even though there is no picture. I've not come across this situation, but it would explain the symptoms.

  rickf 09:03 02 Dec 2004

IT could also be that the resolution set on the graphics card is out of range for your monitor. If that is the case the only way to reset it is to plug it in another comp which can cope with the high resolution set and reset down. Take it out and insatll in the new one and set it at a resolution that your moniyor can cope with.This happens more frequently with TFT monitors and I am assuming you are using one here.

  xania 13:08 02 Dec 2004


I think you will find that the BIOS screen would work irrespective of the monitor settings which only come into play when the operating system loads the drivers for the video card (and monitor). Having seen all the subsequent postings, for my money its either the AGP slot or the card thats causing the fault.

  josie mayhem 23:16 02 Dec 2004

xania, no/ or problem with graphic card, means no bios screen.

Blank screen is a common fault according to micro-soft. The gave a suggestion to resolve the issuse.

Tried it, but couldn't get the agp card to show to find what was conflicting with it. The first attemp it did show, but I thought the conflict was with my pci graphic card. So loaded the drivers, shut down took the pci card out and rebooted, adn the same prroblem.

I then started from the begining, and then couldn't get the xp to regonise that the agp card was there. Tried restore to set the system back to before I put the driver in, rool back everything I could think of, to no avail.

Took the card back today, and it was properly that yes I did have a conflick, but also there might have been a fault with the card, which was causing my problems so they gave me my money back.

So I will tick this has being resolved becasue in one way it was. Not the way I would have liked but there you go.

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