...has encountered a problem

  geedad 22:38 17 Aug 2008

I'm getting an error message ....." has encountered a problem and needs to close.We are sorry for the inconvenience."
If you were in the middle of something (OF COURSE I WAS!) - the information you were working on may be lost. For more info about this error - click here.

It happens quite often.
I am well endowed with anti-spyware and AV, so I am hoping that isn't the problem.
Sony PC, 3 GHz Intel Pentim 4 HT, Graphics ATI Radeon 9200 128 DDR SDRAM.
HDD 160 GB

Anyone help, please?


  UncleP 22:54 17 Aug 2008

Does this help?
click here

  geedad 11:38 18 Aug 2008


Many thanks!
Hopefully, this will do the trick.
Just another point,though. Will it affect my fast moving games?
ER.. not MY games, the grandsons!
Don't want to be in the doghouse!


  UncleP 20:33 18 Aug 2008

Possibly - depends on the game. In general, most modern games need tweaking to get the best performance from your machine. I'd suggest you try them out, and if you do find problems with a particular game, you post the details on the new 'Games' forum here. Hopefully one of the members will already have been through the process, and can point you in the right direction.

  geedad 20:52 18 Aug 2008

Thanks,again. Since last post, and having moved the slider as advised, the problem error popped up again during an attempt to open my Epson printer's Smart start program.
Will try the Forum's game section later.

  UncleP 15:48 19 Aug 2008

That's a bit worrying. Note that the error message, following the name of an application, is one of Microsoft's least informative, basically saying that an error occurred while running the application that the OS couldn't resolve, and shutting it down was the only option.

It often occurs with graphics-intensive games, which tend to stretch the (graphics) hardware to the limit, and in this case the solution is usually to tweak the program settings until your computer can handle the load being applied to it. I had this problem with 'Oblivion' a couple of years ago, but managed to get it to the point where it only occurred when leaving the game - which I didn't mind, of course.

But I hardly think that starting up your printer should be strenuous enough to cause this sort of problem, unless you are running Vista and the drivers or software are still not perfect. In any case, to search for the source of the problem, either in the Games forum or with Google, you need to provide the name of the application(s) which produce this error message, as they determine the nature of the fault involved.

In your opening post, you indicated that the error message was followed by an invitation to 'click here' for further information. Did that provide anything other than 'debug close'?

  geedad 20:54 19 Aug 2008


"In your opening post, you indicated that the error message was followed by an invitation to 'click here' for further information. Did that provide anything other than 'debug close'"
I'm sorry, but I didn't (couldn't) copy the information following 'click here'. It was mainly (to me ) all incomprehensible, just lots of code.........
I agree, it is strange that the error occurs when it does, but it is intermittent, and, as I stated previously, pops up on various programs including MS Word (from MS Office Pro 97). I also use my PC for authoring DVDs, but the PC spec is good. Sony 3GHz Intel Pentium 4 with HT. ATI Radeon 9200 with 128 MB DDR SDRAM, and a partitioned drive 160 GB.
So it is well equipped!
Thanks for your continuing interest.

  UncleP 01:15 20 Aug 2008

As I understand it, this error message is caused by a bug or weakness in the application being run, and is unlikely to be the result of a virus or a fault in the machine itself. The information following the 'click here' is meant to be an error signature, but is clearly of little value if it's in binary and you can't read it. You haven't said which OS you are using, but I believe that the introduction of Vista did produce several errors of this type until up-dated software and drivers were provided (I'm still using XP2).

Have you always had this problem, or did it appear following a particular change or event? eg addition of some new hardware or software, re-installation of the OS etc.

I'd also suggest that, each time the message appears, you write down the application name ie the words preceding 'has encountered a problem...', and post them here when you have a representative sample. That will help in identifying the basic cause of the problem (with any luck!).

  geedad 10:19 20 Aug 2008

Thanks again. I am NOT using Vista, nor XP3, and I don't think that I will be in the future!
Yes, the moment it happens again, I will endeavour to copy as much info as I can. Devilishly, it won't allow copy and paste, so it may be a long drawn out task.
But I will do that.

  geedad 13:29 27 Aug 2008

Further to our posts regarding the above error message, I have now got another one!
Using Cyberlink PowerProducer 2 Gold to input, edit and author videos, I get this .............
Producer MFC Application has encountered a problem..etc.. etc.
click here
Error Signature.
AppName: producer.exe
AppVer 2.5.1630 ModName: avisplitter.ax
ModVer Offset 00023048

To view technical information about the error report, click here.
Tons and tons and tons of technical data!!!!



I was inputting video files from Hard disc to the program, then editting and authoring them, or trying to!
I used CCleaner to clean up after the program shut down, and I could see lots of the videos that I was working on before I applied the Clean Now option.
So there's an update!

  UncleP 01:24 29 Aug 2008

Sorry for the delay in replying; I had to take my wife to the dentist yesterday, for an extraction. They sedated her, so we had great fun afterwards getting her up and down stairs, and in and out of the car. Anyrate, she's better this evening, apart from a bit of soreness.

Anyrate, back to your problem; if you get this error message with a single application, then it usually has a specific solution. For example, it used to be the case that MS Word threw up this error when the standard file template, Normal.dot, had been corrupted. The usual solution was to delete this file, which would be automatically re-generated (uncorrupted) when Word was started up again. If no solution is known or available, all you can do is replace it with a comparable program which works ok with your machine.

But you are getting it with a variety of applications, which raises the possibility that the source is an underlying program that has access to, or can influence, each of these and possibly others eg anti-virus and malware utilities, IE7, possibly even printer drivers. If this is the case, finding the culprit is a tedious business, as it involves deactivating each possibility in turn to see if the fault disappears. If you do this with your AV etc, make sure that you are disconnected from the Internet.

I suppose it's just possible that it might be caused by a hardware defect - a (RAM) memory fault, for example - but I'm well away from my (very limited!) area of expertise here. However, memory tests can be easily and quickly carried out, so it might be worth doing, just in case.

Don't worry about the detailed error reports: Microsoft might have the time and expertise to analyse the data, but I doubt that we do. Just provide the names of the applications affected, and we'll try to make some connection.

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