Has deleting Cookies caused this problem ?

  timothywilliam 20:16 26 May 2003

Yesterday I deleted all my Cookies, I was horrified how many there were on my computer. Today after powering up I find my Norton 2000 anti virus programme has the Subscription Service Uninstalled ( previously it was Installed). The Set Up exe. option has not re- installed it so I am going to have to Uninstall and ReInstall the programme.

Was this losing the Subscription Service because I have deleted a Cookie or was it just co-incidence to you think ? Should I perhaps have Dis-Enabled the anti-virus programme before doing the deleting ?

I am using Windows XP. Home Edition.


  johnem 20:21 26 May 2003

Timothy, before you panic and start removing software, try initiating the "Restore" to previous setup, you may be lucky and be able to restore to a date/time prior to deleting your cookies. I have not had a problem with deleting cookies, although i am using ME and NAV 2003. You may be able to try and envoke a live update of NAV 2000 that will correct the problem, not sure though.

  johnem 20:36 26 May 2003

Timothy, you could try the following link, it may help you click here

  johnem 13:28 27 May 2003

Timothy, did you manage to sort things out?

  timothywilliam 20:05 27 May 2003

Hello Johnem,

Thanks for your answer. I haven't tried system Restore- didn't think of that one. I will do so ASAP.


  Forum Editor 20:13 27 May 2003

a) They're harmless

b) They are tiny text files, and take up next to no space.

c) Many sites/pages will not load unless you have cookies enabled in your browser, so don't be tempted to disable them altogether.

d) Quite often an application will rely on a cookie being set before it can access the live update section of its homesite - so don't remove cookies that relate to anything that needs to access the Internet on a regular basis. You'll need our cookie on your machine if you want to use the automatic login facility for instance.

I hope you resolve your problem with the use of the system restore facility, as suggested by johnem - perhaps you'll post back and let us know?

  timothywilliam 20:19 28 May 2003

Thank you for your helpful advice.
System Restore did not do the trick.
I was going to get rid of all of them in one go, now I am not so sure. Decisions, decisions !!
I take your points but I suppose the answer is to go the them all- and there are sooooo many- and as you say keep anything like pcadvisor. To be honest I have just tried to find them again, where are they ?

Might be an idea to have an article about these in PcAdvisor ?

  timothywilliam 20:22 28 May 2003

Another point, and I am not being lazy- honest !
They can be regulated according to Help and Support Centre. Where can I find that information please ?

  pj123 22:20 28 May 2003

I beg to differ with the FE. Although I agree that the Cookie files themselves take up very little space the index.dat file does. I teach IT and some of my pupils' PCs have index.dat files that are 5 or 6mbs (when the default size is 16kbs.) There is also another index.dat in the "temporary internet files" which also grows in size from the default size of 32kbs to maybe 7 or 8mbs. 15/16mbs is a lot of space. Unfortunately, the index.dat files can only be restored back to their default size using DOS. I have written a batch file that will do this, but will only work (as far as I know) with O/S that are DOS based. I don't know whether it will work in Win XP as I don't have XP.

  Forum Editor 23:19 28 May 2003

Index.dat files have long been a somewhat contentious issue. These files contain details of web pages you've visited, and email file locations, and they remain, even though you may delete the original files of folders - that's why they tend to grow in size.

The reason the index.dat files (there are more than one) are impossible to delete in Windows is that they are designated as system files, and are thus protected by the operating system.

Modern hard drives tend to have enormous capacities and unless you have a strong reason to want these files removed I would advise you to ignore them - the space they occupy is trivial.

  spider man 23:58 28 May 2003

I always seem to read about something here afer the event, deleated cookies earlier and now i know why auto sign in was disabled..

Someone mentioned system restore that i was speaking to the other day but it went over my head seems i may need it as well.

Can someone run through how to carry out this procedure as i've no were to find the blighter let alone what to do with it when i get there.

Ta in advance as i've not been let down YET !!

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