Has anyone used Acronis True Image 8.0

  Jade 14 G 18:54 18 Dec 2006

I have just bought this data backup and recovery soloution and would like to hear of anyone that has used it,is it good or did it cause problems

  SANTOS7 18:58 18 Dec 2006

i can't really vouch for it, but i trust TI9 and find it easy to use.
What i can suggest is maybe BEFORE you buy get a consensus of opinion about the product there maybe someone that can offer a better alternative, good luck..

  Arnie 19:06 18 Dec 2006

I am using Acronis 8.0 build 937.
I backup to a second hard drive and then check the image for errors.

Make sure you have the latest version by opening Acronis and clicking on Help > About.
937 is the latest available.

I find it very reliable, although I only make full backups every time.

  Simsy 20:02 18 Dec 2006

version 8 personl, which came free on a coverdisc a couple of years ago.

I only do full backups of my system, "C" drive with it, (data is on my D drive and I have a different backup procedure for that).
I aways check the image immediately after making it. As far as I recall I only had problems with creating an image shortly before a hard drive failure... indeed the problem in makignthe image was what casued me to check the drive more thoroughly and discover that it was failing!

Other than that I've never had a problem making, or restoring from, an image.



  Eric10 20:23 18 Dec 2006

I started using Acronis True Image with version 6 which was given free with a magazine. I registered it on the Acronis Website and this made me eligible for updates when available. Since then I have updated through versions 7, 8, 9 and now 10.
Like Simsy and Arnie I only do full backups to a second hard drive and always verify the image immediately after making it. I have never experienced any problems with any version when restoring an image.
You can also mount an image and it appears as another drive so you can copy back individual files that you may have deleted by mistake.

  Greengage 20:34 18 Dec 2006

Use Version 8 and, like Eric10, have experienced no problems at all. Indeed, it has got me out of more than a few problems.

  Technotiger 21:17 18 Dec 2006

Hi, I also use Acronis True Image 10, previously used 8. I always do full backup of 'C' to an external USB hard-drive. It is easy to use, even for novices.


  Wuggy 21:52 18 Dec 2006

I've use TI 8 for the last 18 months or so. Like others have said make sure you are using the latest build 937. Register on True Image website and download it if required. It updated a number of issues with SATA drives and external USB devices. Once installed remember to make a new recovery boot disk with the latest build. Again like others I do a full backup each time to a second hard drive. If you set the backup to split into 2 GB chunks you can then burn them later to DVD as an extra precaution. Always accept the default level of compression. Increasing the compression ratio reduces the resulting file size by a very small amount but greatly increases the length of time taken to make it. Backups and restores are fast and I've never had any problems. It's saved my life many times in this, and previous versions.

  Jade 14 G 22:05 18 Dec 2006

Sorry l am late in aswering but for the very first time l could not get on the website and tried a few ways so hope you didn't think l was not bothering to answer then got a request from a art magazine for a interview and this was the night since 6 months ago that l was going to have a restfull evening.lol

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