Has anyone got a MS-DOS brain

  Newuser2533 20:30 24 Oct 2006

I'm on a MS-DOS course (10 weeks) to give me an insight.I have been loaned a laptop with MS-DOS on it and only MS-DOS, nothing else, whilst the college is closed for a week.
I have need to practice proving my evidence via a printer,which I can do at the course base on their computers.
My Tutor says I need a driver as my printer is a USB. I cannot seem to find one as a freebee.
Can any one give me guidance please.

  sean-278262 20:33 24 Oct 2006

What printer?

  Eric10 21:52 24 Oct 2006

USB is not supported in DOS so you will need a parallel port printer to have any chance of it working. Also DOS didn't have drivers for the printer but each application had the printer drivers built into it. With a fully DOS compliant printer connected to the parallel port you could usually send a text file to the printer with the command 'copy filename.xxx > LPT1' or sometimes 'copy filename.xxx > PRN'. Even getting a parallel printer won't guarantee that it will work in DOS as some printers used features provided by Windows in order to print.

  Newuser2533 22:01 24 Oct 2006

My printer is a canon Pixma iP 1000

  VoG II 22:05 24 Oct 2006

A 10 week course on DOS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  Batch 22:13 24 Oct 2006

Anyone know of a course on Babage's Difference Engine?

  Newuser2533 22:23 24 Oct 2006

Ok I forgot to add that it was an introduction to MS-DOS, very very sorry.
However I can spell BABBAGE.
Thanks for your useless comment.

  DieSse 23:21 24 Oct 2006

Save your evidence in files - and take them to another computer to print.

Eric10 is quite correct in what he says about drivers - you won't find one.

  DieSse 23:28 24 Oct 2006

Show off by getting 4DOS click here (freeware now) which was a superior command line processor (replaces command.com) and used by many, or most of us at the time.

  Newuser2533 21:29 25 Oct 2006

Thanks to those that showed an interest.

  paddyjack 21:57 25 Oct 2006

DieSse the memories come flooding back. What a program that was.

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