Has anyone got any info on the following

  Fried~Chips 21:37 31 Jan 2008

Found in various parts in Windows xp the following which I suggest makes me feel the windows is dodgy.

click here who offer the support
& showing a logo but not microsoft colours is windows xp Pro v1.1 Baseball2525

All I can relate these to are some kind or power tool hack or Cloan software

Would be very interested to know if I am correct, its not legal mainly as the machine is suppose to be a Windows Vista premium but has XP Pro installed in a fashion.

  MAT ALAN 22:08 31 Jan 2008

Fried~Chips, me old coconut, what are you on about exactly, your post makes absolutely no sense at all...

  Fried~Chips 22:25 31 Jan 2008

Computer of friends is a new Acer Desktop. It has been supplied via a insurance claim. It going to be Windows Vista but on request of friend he wanted XP Pro.

Machine arrived with Vista Logo on case, Vista COA Sticker on side of Case (Desktop PC) and in The machine boots as XP Home, it has the Desktop & Icons like Vista Premium in My Computer it says in like x3 segments in the window:
Windows XP Pro version 2002 SP2
Windows Activation = Owner ands Genuine windows Logo and a Code

the theirs a OEM Bmp/logo which looks like something created in PowerPoint and has shaded effect text reading Windows XP Proffesional,
Essential V1.1, Baseball2525.
If clicking on Support Tab then support is from

Perosnally, who are Baseball, XP looking like Vista and no recovery media or options at all and loads of components missing as well as 3 damaged system drivers to me looks like someone has installed one of them XP Multi-function cloan tweak CDs like the dodgy ones you can get of ebay.

My main concern is considering its from a reputable insurance company via Acer the windows just doesn't look like genuine at all.
And wonder who are the company called baseball2525

Sounds odd I know, but it even has Vista Desktop pics and icons all windows branding is WinXP not vista. Has it been customised beyond ?

  MAT ALAN 22:39 31 Jan 2008

i'm intrigued by this and can understand what your saying, CANNOT find anything definitive on baseball2525.
at the moment what i think you have is an XP Pro O/S skinned to look like Vista, which is where i think your baseball2525 comes into it, gonna do a bit more searching..

  MAT ALAN 22:55 31 Jan 2008

further search suggests baseball2525 is a P2P uploader of hacked O/S, don't want to post any links at this time, the big question is how this is relative to your insurance claim.

  Fried~Chips 23:12 31 Jan 2008

Like you, I am concerned for my Friend as its his pc. He had it to replace a damaged pc under a insurance claim. I also traced baseball2525 something to do with a P2P downloading.

When you say how relative is it to my insurance claim. Well the insurance company supplied the pc via Acer contract. I wonder I my friend has put XP on and he's not telling me the full storey. I really carn't see Acer doing this.

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