Has anyone ever tried emailing a cheque?

  zaach 18:16 23 Apr 2005

By that I mean doing it literally, writing a cheque, scanning into the computer and sending it as an attachment.
At the other end the recipient would print it and bank it.
I have never heard of anyone doing it but it does seem a simple way to pay someone.

  VoG II 18:18 23 Apr 2005

I can't imagine the bank would clear it. They don't accept photocopies of cheques do they?

  CurlyWhirly 18:40 23 Apr 2005

I think that there would be too much fraud going on if this was allowed to happen.

  jakimo 18:54 23 Apr 2005

emails are not secure,you would divulging your a|c details and signature...inviting fraud

  Totally-braindead 18:57 23 Apr 2005

I hope this isn't a serious question, as the others have said there is no way in the world that any bank would accept a photocopy of a cheque, which is what the email would be once you printed it out.

  Confab 19:20 23 Apr 2005

Although you can legally write a cheque on anything and as long as its signed and accepted in good faith then it will be cleared by the bank (providing funds are available) A scanned copy of a cheque will be just that - a copy, therefore it will not be accepted and cleared.

  Confab 19:21 23 Apr 2005

BTW - I remember a few years ago someone wrote a cheque on the side of a dead fish and presented it - it was paid by the bank!

  Simsy 19:40 23 Apr 2005

is the signature.

I think that the photocopy of a cheque is not, in itself a problem, (though I daresay presenting it would cause a few raised eyebrows!), but the fact that it wouldn't have a real signature is the real problem.



  p;3 19:56 23 Apr 2005

from my knowledge of working within the Banking World, if a customer presented a so-called cheque like that and I was on the till receiving it , I would be extremely suspicious and alert my Manager immediately ; I know it sounds a good idea in theory, as do lots of other things; a cheque has to be "the genuine article" ; same as with forged bank notes; we need the genuine article please; second- hand things are "no go",

and what happens if the e mail with this "cheque" reaches the wrong recipient?!!

  justme 20:18 23 Apr 2005

Have you considered what may happen if the recipient were to print multiple copies and presented them all to the bank?

I don't think you would be very happy if your bank paid out on all of them.

  LastChip 20:58 23 Apr 2005

Why would you want to do it anyway?

With electronic transfers and all the other Internet banking options available, why e-mail a cheque?

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