Has anyone any experience of ..

  johndrew 16:48 16 Oct 2008

.. System Protect click here. I comes from the same stable as Spyware Terminator but how effective it is I have no idea.

Thanks in advance for any information.

  mfletch 17:12 16 Oct 2008

Not used it myself but there is some info here,

click here

  johndrew 10:00 17 Oct 2008

Thanks for the link.

Looks similar to a mix of WinPatrol, an anti-delete type program and any number of anti-malware programs. I suppose if you had nothing else as protection it may be valid, but most people (including me) run a firewall, AV and two or more other anti-malware/spyware programs. As a result I can see little use for it in my case.

Thanks again for your efforts.

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