has any1 got 16 X DVD +/- RW & 16X IDE DVD ROM Dr

  Mit123 21:36 11 Oct 2006

has anyone got a 16 X DVD +/- RW & 16X IDE DVD ROM Drive . if you have can you tell me how good it is , and what can it do . thanks!

  sean-278262 21:43 11 Oct 2006

That is really like comparing a PS2 with an xbox. You cant do it as they are very different machines. However like DVD drives the basically do the same thing. Some drives will be better than others. Care to elaborate a bit on the topic?

  Mit123 21:48 11 Oct 2006

yes , can u tell me if it reads dvds and if it writes dvds??
(and do have one ? lol)

  sean-278262 21:54 11 Oct 2006

If it says DVD on the box it will read DVD rom disks as it is a standard and to say it therefore the drive must comply.

I have a 16x rom drive in my desktop and it works fine. I am still not seeing the point of the question.

  Ashrich 22:00 11 Oct 2006

I have a Sony DVD+/- R/W Dual Layer drive ( also reads and writes to DVD Ram ) it does everything that most others do , the real difference is the software you use with it , the speed differences between similar spec drives is minimal . Always better to have both a Re Writer and a seperate DVD Rom drive .


  Mit123 22:02 11 Oct 2006

yes but i dont have a clue about what 16 X DVD +/- RW & 16X IDE DVD ROM Drive means. Thats why i am asking you... can u tell me if it reads dvds and if it writes dvds ??????????

  Mit123 22:06 11 Oct 2006

Ashrich , sorry i didnt read your post

  Mit123 22:07 11 Oct 2006

so whats a 16X IDE DVD ROM Drive??

  Ray5776 22:14 11 Oct 2006

A 16 speed internal DVD read only drive with an IDE connection cable.

  Mit123 22:21 11 Oct 2006

so my 16X 16 X DVD +/- RW & 16X IDE DVD ROM drive doesnt write dvds, but only reads them???

  LABMAN 22:29 11 Oct 2006

Hi Mit123, no you have a DVD reader annd combined rewriter drive giving you the ability to read DVD ROM discs or DVD films as well as write to blank DVD plus discs thats what the + sign indicates or to blank DVD minus discs thats what the - sign indicates.

These discs can be either single use DVD-R discs meaning they can be written to only once or DVD-RW which are capable of being erased similar to the way you would erase say a VHS tape and used over and over again, the 16X is the speed at which the drive reads or writes your discs.

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