Has AGP board scuppered hopes of graphics upgrade?

  rickd 11:21 20 Dec 2005

I run a 6800GT card on an 18 month old asus (p4r800-VM) board (3.2ghzP4), with a gig of RAM. I’d like to upgrade to get more out of games (they run fine on the 6800, but I usually have to run at mod, or even low video settings). Upping to one of the 7800’s is a no-no as the mobo has AGP slots. So what are my alternatives?
a) Live with what I have as nothing I can do with this board will really boost performance much further???
b) Ditch the board, and start again with an Athlon based board and with PCI - seems an expensive/wasteful route if its just to improve my games eye candy a little
c) buy an x box instead
d) get out more

Any ideas?

  SG Atlantis® 11:26 20 Dec 2005

Hang on for a bit and make do with what you have for now.

  vinnyT 12:29 20 Dec 2005

click here

Have a look at the above link, it's a petition set up by guys/gals like yourself, asking for the 7800 to be made in the agp format.

They reckon they need around 10000 sigs to get noticed, don't know if it would do any good, but you never know.

  007al 13:21 20 Dec 2005

Try a 6800 Ultra,or an ATI X850XT at over £300 though

Yeah, it's a pain. There's meant to be an AGP/PCI-E adaptor that'll allow PCI-E board upgraders to continue using their AGP videocard but not the other way round I don't think:

click here

Where you'd get one I don't know. Of course, this isn't exactly ideal or what was asked but an alternative and possibly, better, upgrade might be to go for a 64bit processor, say socket 939 (AMD), a 3500+ CPU (overclock it perhaps) and buy another gig of PC 3200 ram. I suspect the weak link is the ram so maybe just buy another 1Gb?

As others have expressed, your card isn't exactly that out of date at all. I'm using a Radeon 9800XT (128MB) and use medium settings at 1024x768 resolution or higher for games like Doom 3, San Andreas, Battlefield 2/Spec Ops and am relatively happy. I do have 2gigs of ram though (which helps) but just 3200+ of CPU horsepower. So, if you do source one of those AGP/PCI-E bridge card things then you could plan ahead a little and retain your exsisting gfx card for a while, that is, provided those bridging cards actually work properly and don't cause other problems. Best to find and read user feedback first!

  interzone55 13:40 20 Dec 2005


After researching the Albatron 'ATOP' PCI-E/AGP bridging card, it looks like a bit of a turkey for the following reasons:

It's only compatible with certain Nvidia chipsets and since your existing graphics card must sit on top, it's only compatible with low profile AGP cards and I haven't seen many high performance gfx cards that are of low profile.

It also knocks a nice 10% off your 3D performance. Not what the doctor ordered...

It's rarer than hen's teeth. I searched for it and couldn't find it on sale anywhere in the UK at all.

Here's two other links:

click here (shows compatibility)

click here (gives a short review)

  jack 14:39 20 Dec 2005

I love the feeling of being a meanie at Christmas.
Spending a lot of beer tokens on new hardware just to iumprove games seems a little bizarre

A PC is sopposed to do 'Real' work and games are a side line or were or perhaps will be again now the 'boxes' are flooding in.

Nah! stick with what you have until you really really needt to replace the whole shooting match then things will have moved on some more and even better/quicker/prettier

  malgall 14:47 20 Dec 2005

i know what you mean about spending all that money just to improve games i also have a computer that
does everything well but games on low or med settings
with all the changes needs imight as well by a new computer but if i want all the raid setup and 7800gtx and top end processor we are talking
so i am going to get an xbox 360 as the games look

  rickd 15:52 20 Dec 2005

thanks for all the thoughts - much as I thought - i'm stuffed for now.
I'll stick with what I have and do battle demons with less crisp edges(the alternative cards suggested aren't huge upgrades), and hope that those nice people at Nvidia may take heed to the petition (5500 names and rising)and build a 7800GTX for us. If not, this time next year (probably sooner) things will no doubt have moved on so far that it'll be time for a whole new 'puter, or maybe I'll have got over the games bug and actually be using my computer to do my work once again!
Mind you, maybe I'll ask Santa if he can find me an xbox for now....
Oh, and I do promise to get out more, and get a (half) life.

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