is Harvard the same as Chicago in Word referencing

  buel 12:49 21 Nov 2010

Hi, my gf has been told she needs to use Harvard referencing whilst doing her Uni work, she normally uses the 'APA' option. She usually uses the built-in referncing tool in 2007 Word which gives different options, she now realises that Harvard isn't there but has read that 'Chicago' is the same thing. Please can anyone advise on this?
Thank you in advance!!

  bremner 12:57 21 Nov 2010

No they are not excatly the same click here

Harvard click here

  badhair1963 13:03 21 Nov 2010

This might be of use to you: click here

  buel 15:39 21 Nov 2010


Thanks for that, we have got so far with trying to install the harvard referencing tool following the instructions given. However, we have got to the stage where it tell you to "Copy th? style list, once unzipped, ?nd paste ?nt? ???r directory"

Could you tell me where I should copy from on the document that has opened, i just wanted to ask because I haven't done this before and don't want to make a mistake? Please use the following link to see a screen shot of what has opened:

click here

  badhair1963 16:41 21 Nov 2010

To be honest, I know next to nothing about Word. The only thing I can suggest is read the instructions where it says "Installation on Windows (Word 2007)" and follow them carefully.

If you're still stuck, it might be worth waiting until someone more knowledgeable comes along.

  buel 16:47 21 Nov 2010

Thank you for that.

I am guessing through the little experience I have had that it is a case of copying and pasting/cutting and pasting into the registry(?, although, like you say its best to wait until someone else comes along that has more knowledge than just me guessing.

  badhair1963 16:55 21 Nov 2010

I think it goes in here:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\Bibliography\Style or wherever you have MS Office installed. The important bit is the bit after "Office 12"

Don't touch the registry! You'll break something if you're not careful.

  buel 17:00 21 Nov 2010

Hi - just in case anyone ever has the same issue that I had I thought I would just say where I was going wrong.
On the downloaded style sheet I had actually opened it whereas all I needed to do was not open it and copy and paste the icon into the word style settings. Now I have done that it seems to work fine.

Now that the Harvard option has been added to my referencing tools it has an asterix next to the name of it, none of the other styles have this, does anyone know what this means?

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