harry potter

  alan2k1 14:11 22 Apr 2004

i have a harry potter game ...philosopheres stone .....the game loads and start but very soon closes with a general protection error
history:Urender::OccludeBsp -URender::Occludeframe and a long list i have tried various display settins without luck
its 1.8GHz with 512 ram so should be plenty

any ideas


nivida GeForce2 MX/MX 400

  Gongoozler 14:49 22 Apr 2004

Hi alan2k1. I can't help much, but the error message reads very much like a graphics driver problem. See if updating graphics drivers helps, or see if there's a patch for the game.

  alan2k1 15:41 22 Apr 2004

thanks Gongoozler i did try a different driver but it was the same

  alan2k1 08:43 23 Apr 2004


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