A Harmless Virus ?

  Hazlitt 18:22 13 Sep 2003

According to my AVG Scanner, my computer seems to have been infected by a .shs virus. I've located it in a file that came with a printer
driver download. It seems to be doing no harm, should I ignore it or start tinkering in the Registry ?

  OneSirKnight 18:26 13 Sep 2003

have a look here......click here

  Gaz 25 18:31 13 Sep 2003

run click here for a free online virus scan, it will detect anything bad, so if that says u are clean you are.

The AVG scanner has dual ext scanning so if it was hey.txt.shs it could be a virus, becuase viruses use these techniques.

But I think you may be safe, just run a virus scan from Panda anyway.

  Forum Editor 18:33 13 Sep 2003

can be used as a trojan within Windows. The extension is actually what is called a Windows Shell Scrap Object. The most famous (or infamous) example of this type of infection is called the 'Stages of life' virus because it came disguised as an attachment with jokes about the stages of life.

You can safely delete the file involved, but don't go tinkering in the registry yet.

  Hazlitt 18:38 13 Sep 2003

Thanks..................I.m just off to Panda for a quick scan.

  Hazlitt 18:56 13 Sep 2003

The Panda scanner seems to be taking a tea break: can't get through the activation procedure at the moment.

  Hazlitt 19:22 13 Sep 2003

Took the Forum Editor's advice and deleted the files concerned. A further AVG scan reports no infections now - so I guess the problem must be solved (unless my printer expires because a piece of its driver has been chucked away).

  Jester2K II 19:27 13 Sep 2003

Where did you get the driver from??

What printer do you have - if you didn't use the manufacturers website to get try there.

  Hazlitt 19:34 13 Sep 2003

Downloaded the driver from the Epson downloads library - so far its been OK and nothing seems to have been corrupted by the virus that got into the system at some point.

  Jester2K II 19:37 13 Sep 2003

Can you give me the info (Windows Version, Printer moel etc) to get the same driver. I'll have a look at the download....

Have you redownloaded it?

  Hazlitt 19:41 13 Sep 2003

Epson Colour 660 was incompatible with Windows XP, so I downloaded the recommended driver. I've only downloaded it once.

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