Hardwired Access point / Range extender

  dansteph 16:00 29 Apr 2014

I am currently looking for a hardwired (I have run an ethernet cable from router to furthest point) access point. We have a larger house that has poor wifi at the furthest areas. We can't use AC/powerline adapters as there are two ring mains. I would prefer a plug and play device that I can use as an access point.

Anyone able to suggest a wired access point?

  Ian in Northampton 17:33 29 Apr 2014

I got a local networking guy to come and wire up our house - it's very long and has thick walls, so wi-fi is mostly out. He just ran weatherproof cables along the outside of the house from the hub, drilled through the wall in each room where we wanted a point, and then stuck an Ethernet socket on the inside wall. It cost me about £200 for 8 points, and I've never regretted it. (We put a wi-fi transmitter in some of the sockets: my wife and daughter like to lie in bed messing with their tablets/phones/laptops...)

  bumpkin 20:52 29 Apr 2014

In a similar situation at my own home I used an ethernet cable put in years ago to connect my main router to an old wireless one that I no longer needed. Set the old one up to be an access point only and can now get wireless anywhere in the house. If you do not have one then of course that is not an option but in my case job done for nothing. I did not use the powerline adapters for the same reason as you, also tried some plug in signal relays or amplifiers also useless.

  bumpkin 21:00 29 Apr 2014

I posted a question about powerline adapters about a year ago but never got a definitive answer as to what circuits they would or would not work with.

  The Kestrel 13:58 30 Apr 2014

You can definitely use powerline adapters if the PCs are to be connected using ring mains that are linked by the same fuse or circuit breaker box as I am using such a set up. I am not sure whether they will work where the ring mains have separate fuse or circuit breaker boxes.

Dansteph, I have not tried one of these click here but it may be one way of solving your problem.

  onthelimit1 15:50 30 Apr 2014

The Kestrel'ssuggestion is for boosting an existing wireless signal. You need something like this as an example. which your ethernet cable will connect to.

  bumpkin 17:21 30 Apr 2014

"You can definitely use powerline adapters if the PCs are to be connected using ring mains that are linked by the same fuse or circuit breaker"

The OP has stated that they are not and I could never get them to work on a separate circuit.

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