Hardwear error on modem

  towzer 11:09 14 Dec 2007

Hi all i was wondering if someone could help advise please.

I bought a laptop on ebay, seller is very very unhelpful wont answear his emails ect
I dont know to much about computers but when i try to connect using dial up an error comes up (sorry cant remember what number it was) it sayd there may be an erro with the modem harwear.

Would i need to try and load some new drivers on there to fix ? sorry if i havnt supplied enough info, is this a slight problem error message or could it be serious
Any help byt he end of today would be great before i have to pay to get someone to look at it.

  towzer 11:10 14 Dec 2007

Sorry its a dell d 600 thanks

  MAJ 11:15 14 Dec 2007

It's possible that the modem (I assume it's a dialup modem) is faulty. Is everthing else working okay? It might be helpful if you could find out the exact error that is being generated.

  towzer 11:19 14 Dec 2007

this is what the seller cam e back with

Hi are you using a dial up connection or broadband? you may need to go on the dell website and download the modem drivers, it has lan and wifi for broadband and modem is built in.

How do i tell if its a dial up modem ?


  MAJ 11:27 14 Dec 2007

It has an [optional] dialup modem and a built-in wireless card, both connections are beside each other but are different. Check out the manual, page 21 here: click here

  MAJ 11:34 14 Dec 2007

If you need drivers, you can download them if you click here Check the make and model of the modem in Device Manager. But it would be helpful if you post the error message you are getting.

  MAJ 11:47 14 Dec 2007

Of course I meant to say that, the network connector (not the wireless adapter) and the modem connections, are beside each other.

  towzer 11:58 14 Dec 2007

Would you be able to helkp further if i had the error number ? i know if come back saying ; there may an an error with your modem hardewear

  MAJ 12:37 14 Dec 2007

Hi towzer, we might be able to help further if we had the exact error message. "there may an an error with your modem hardewear" could mean that the modem can't be detected or is faulty in some way. As the modem seems to be "optional", is it even installed at all? Firstly, do you have the modem connection point shown on page 21 of the manual? Secondly, is the modem showing in Device Manager? If it is showing in Device Manager, are there any yellow marks beside it's entry, which would, at least, indicate a problem?

  towzer 13:58 14 Dec 2007

hi yes

its got the modem connection point and it is in the device manager.

Now when go into the modem icon in control panel and it asks do i want to do a automatic search it comes back saying no blutooth device found ? i can them manually select from a list but i can really remember what the list was it was a few numbers an letters then furthur down the list the numbers got higher, not sure if this was somthing to do with speed ? and at the bottom of the list ther is smothing like wireless adaptor maybe when i am at home i will get the error msg number and post it up


  MAJ 14:07 14 Dec 2007

The modem on your laptop, isn't a bluetooth device, towser, blue tooth is for connecting your mobile phone (for example) wirelessly to your laptop, the range at best is about 10 metres. Your modem is an analogue device that connects via a cable to your BT telephone socket, allowing you, with the correct settings, to connect to the internet. What exactly are you trying to do?

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