Hardware problem - no signal to monitor!??!!

  Jono106 09:07 27 Jan 2003

Hey there computer buffs,
I'm in dire need of some help. I have just spent god knows how long getting my computer to accept Broadband and now it wont come on. Let me give you some background shortly first. Got broadband installed but found out that my processor was vastly under spec and I was missing 256Mb RAM. Got on to the company who sent me a new chip and more ram. Installed the chip and memory along with a Terratec DMX6 Fire soundcard. Went to turn the computer on and all the fans started going but nothing on screen. The light on the CD-ROM was flashing constantly and my modem lights appeared to be affected also. I was warned about sitting the chip correctly but I'm positive that it is mounted right. After sitting there baffled for a few seconds I went to turn the computer off but it wouldn't. Normally it's just one press of the button for off and on but I found I needed to hold it in for about 6 seconds before shut down would happen. I've tried removing the new soundcard but to no avail. I am stumped, the company who sold it to me have told me to sort it myself and I am poor. Aaaaah.
Please help me!!!

  Gongoozler 09:28 27 Jan 2003

Jono106, try putting the computer back to where it was before the trouble began, that is - the original processor, memory and soundcard, ensuring that all the connections are correct. If it doesn't work then, you may have something damaged.

You are referring to "the company". Can you elaborate on that. If the supplier of the computer advised you to fit the incorrect parts then they may have some responsibility for giving bad advice.

Have you checked that you put the additional memory in the correct slot. Some motherboards are fussy in that respect.

Finally can you tell us more about your computer. What motherboard do you have, what was the original processor and memory, and what did you change them to.

  bof:) 09:29 27 Jan 2003

Hi Jono106,

Did 'the company' who supplied you with the chip suggest that you may also need a bigger fan for the new one? If not there is a danger of the chip burning out.

have you tried 'reseating' the chip?

When you mention 'the company' did they supply you with the correct memory and chip for your motherboard?

Are you able to try another monitor on your PC?

Did your original pc work ok whith Broadband but was slow or what?


  DieSse 09:47 27 Jan 2003

When you fitted the new parts, did you turn your system off and either unplug from the mains, or turn off at the mains switch, or the switch on the back of the power supply.

Anything less, and you might have caused serious damage.

  Jono106 10:05 27 Jan 2003

Thanks for replying peeps. In answer to all of your questions:
a)The computer worked fine before the change.
b)All connections were dis-connected before I carried out any work inside the computer. By the book!
c)I went from a AMD XP1800 to an XP2100.
d) I went from 512 to 768Mb RAM.
e)I'm unable to try it with the old stuff in it as I had to send the old chip back before they would send me a new one. Proof I guess?!?!
f)I could try another monitor if there was one I could borrow so, probably not.
g)The 'company' (MCS.com via eBay) assured me the fan etc would be ample for the chip.
h)I'm not sure what my mother board is as I didn't jot it down before I came to work today.

No-one has mentioned the oddity with the power switch. Is it irrelevant?
The monitor comes on ok but the little light on it doesn't turn green, which I assume indicates that it isn't recieving a signal.

  Jono106 10:16 27 Jan 2003

The motherboard is FSB I think!!!

  Gongoozler 10:28 27 Jan 2003

Jono106, I didn't mention the power switch oddity because I first wanted to ascertain whether th emotherboard was working. The power switch action is controlles from the motherboard. From what you have told us the most likely problem is that the motherboard has been damaged, but we don't want to assume that too early.

The monitor behaviour is typical of no signal from the computer.

Your new processor should be ok with the old heatsink - as long as the heatsink was refitted correctly.

If you remove/disconnect everything from the motherboard, all the plug in cards, drives memory processor etc, ( but not the power connector) you should then be able to get the power to switch on. ( I think I am right about the processor, perhaps someone else can confirm this). If this works, you can than try fitting the processor, and confirm the switch-on. Then the memory etc.

I am surprised that the supplier advised you to fit the new processor. What you had should have been adequate for broadband.

  DieSse 10:33 27 Jan 2003

First, just as a note - and not to say there's anything wrong with upgrading - BUT

Your processor was NOT vastly under spec - in fact it would have been absolutely fine, and well up to scratch even by todays standards.

512Mb of RAM is PLENTY for your system, and you will be unlikely to see much benefit from more.

Certainly neither of these upgrades were remotely necessary just for broadband internet, which runs happily with a system far less capable than you originally had.

So - on to your problem - which likely centres around the processor or memory. First, try taking out the new memory - does that help.

If not, then the likely problem is with the processor - the necessary first step is to try another one - I understand it's difficult, but that's definately the next step in troubleshooting this type of problem

Also check all the cables, just to see if you may have disturbed one when you were inside the case. And check all the plug-in boards are fully plugged in - give them a push - it's easyto disturb them when you're inside a caes.

The switch thing is nothing to worry about - there's just a delay on it, which can be changed later if you wish to - perfectly normal.

  Tazfan 10:35 27 Jan 2003

What makes you say your processor and memory were under spec? I only have an Athalon 1.3 with 640 RAM, and I have no problems running 1mb BB.

Follow the advice above and put your system as it was before. Try each compoonent on its own until you find the culprit.

  Jono106 11:26 27 Jan 2003

Thanks for all of your help people. I upgraded because I paid the company for an XP2100 with 768Mb ram but they sent me an XP1800 with 512Mb ram. I just wanted to get what I paid for. Will try everything out though. Cheers. CJ.

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