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  octopush 07:45 16 Feb 2004

Hi there. Recently had an interesting thing happen. Heard a faint hi pitched squeek from the HDD followed by xp home ed freezing an nothing short of turning it off at the wall would unfreeze it, unless it unfroze its self. Each squeek was followed by a freeze but they were very few and far between. Suddenly it has become a daily occurance. Had one error message so far KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR out of all crashes. Also blue screening every now and then. Bought a 2nd HDD to back up to and now cannot get the HDD to run at the same time as the CD rom. If I plug in power, all 3 drives power up and run no problems. If I connect either the cd or the Hdd they run, but not both. Im stymied;( Any suggestions? Cant find a similar problem anywhere.

  Lozzy 07:48 16 Feb 2004

A Windows XP-based computer stops responding during resume from standby, and you receive the following KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR stop error message:

0x0000007a (e163a3e4,c000000e,bf8e9313,0697f860)
This problem occurs on a system where Windows XP is installed on a hard disk that is configured as a subordinate ("slave"), and no other device is connected to the same IDE controller channel (primary or secondary).
This behavior may occur when you use Windows XP with some motherboards. Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information in this article when the information becomes available.
Microsoft recommends that you use one of the following methods to resolve this behavior:
Configure your Disk drive as Master only.

- or -
Connect another device as a Master, such as another disk drive or CD-ROM or DVD.
Steps to Reproduce the Behavior
Set Hard Disk jumper to Slave mode.
In BIOS power management, set BIOS to S1 or S3 (STR).
Install Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 1.
Power on the system.
Set computer to Standby.
Try to resume the system; the system stops responding.

  Lozzy 07:50 16 Feb 2004

It article 330100 in the MS Knowledge Base

  octopush 17:54 16 Feb 2004

hi there. Thanks for the info, but now the silly thing is squeeking and then re booting completely. Its just done it twice. What causes the squeek? It was the only HDD at the time all this started so I am still a little baffled. I will keep trying. Its a 60GB seagate barracuda if that helps.

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