Hardware Firewall

  Aspman 12:32 11 Jun 2003

I'be done a search through the site but there isn't much on this and certainly not recently.

At work we need a firewall. I work in a smallish school running about 150 PCs so a personal firewall solution ain't what I'm meaning.

We are about to carry out a network upgrade as well adding and exchange server and 2 win2k servers.

Currently http traffic is filtered through a Red Hat squid server I set up in a hurry 6 months ago while other traffic FTP, SMTP etc is passing through a MS proxy2 box. Why 2 boxes, long story don't ask.

We would obviously like all traffic to go through a firewall keeping us as secure as possible especially with an exchange server coming into the equation.

I understand that we could make a hardened Linux box to carry this out but we do not have the linux eperience or the time to learn (new kit going in within a month).

So.. anyone have a firewall that they could recommend that is reliabe secure and easy to setup and maintain. Being a school out budget is probably not sufficient to get the proper tool for the job but we do often qualify for discounts.
We could probably get a something around the £1000 mark.

Cheers all.

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