Hardware Failures

  griffo 08:07 19 Jul 2005

On Friday we had 2 PC's suffer PSU failures, one of which also had a removable HD fail/corrupt and in the other PC, its' heatsink/fan also failed. As this all happened in the space of a couple of hours (there weren't any thunderstorms around), could it be caused by the hot weather?

Whilst we are having to replace the above items, I'm wondering if it would be advisable to install some extra cooling fans. If so, can someone kindly advise what I should buy please?

  dan11 08:50 19 Jul 2005

From some of my experiences, I have seen some similar occurrences.

One was in a Victorian house were the wiring was a bit obsolete, the other was in a village were the electricity supply tended to fluctuate.

Have you got surge protectors for the machines, as I wonder if you have had a spike of electricity. Repairing the above machines and installing surge protectors, resulted in no further problems. That and instilling the need to disconnect everything when thunderstorms were present.

I just wonder if the problem has been with an electricity spike, just a thought

  wee eddie 08:53 19 Jul 2005

Look at the positioning of the PC's. Is there clear airflow round about them or are they stuck under a desk, in what is effectively a box, this can reduce the flow of cool air significantly.

If they are at ground level are the air passages cleaned on a regular basis as dust in the filters and fans can reduce airflow considerably.

The hot weather just highlights such occurrences, and frequently the hardware is perfectly adequate for the job under clear airflow conditions.

  jack 08:56 19 Jul 2005

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  griffo 09:40 19 Jul 2005

Thanks for the responses so far. Would point out that a) there were NO thunderstorms around. Can see that a power spike could be responsible but other PC's in other rooms were not affected. Both the affected PC's are sited under desks, as in many/most offices. This is really why I raised the question about installing additional cooling. The PSU's have fans, the CPU's have heatsinks/fans but I don't think either PC have any case fans.

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