Hardware Failure reported by CPU

  JOHN S 18:41 19 Apr 2004

My Pc is 6mths old and I have had nothing but trouble with it .It keeps crashing and sending me to the Microsoft Online Crash Analysis site where it gives me the same message every time (see title)
The PC engineer has changed the motherboard and the dram and it still crashes,
it will crash from just about anything from using the net to recording a dvd, which it has never done with out crashing
They have just sent me a master recovery disc but I don't think this will help
What else could it be ?


  Totally-braindead 18:51 19 Apr 2004

When Microsoft reports the fault is that all it says or does it give you any idea of what device has failed or caused the crash?

  JOHN S 19:09 19 Apr 2004

I have followed the link but all that it says is "this behavior occurs because your computer processor detected an enrecoverable hardware error and reported it to windows. for more information contact the manufacturer of your computer"
some help eh

  Totally-braindead 19:13 19 Apr 2004

Agreed mate, since your computer is only 6 months old and you've had the engineer at it several times I would be tempted to return it for replacement or refund. How long was it before the first fault appeared or has it always had problems? And what was the company that supplied it? Can anyone on the Forum confirm that returning it for refund or replacement is a viable option after 6 months, after all you're meant to get at least a 1 year guarantee with new systems.

  JOHN S 20:02 19 Apr 2004

the company that suplied it was Carrera ssc and it was having problems even before I got it(long story - or wait - 9 weeks) one of the people I spoke to, to complain about how long it was taking to make my pc let slip that it had allready been through two motherboards, I think that it was the first that they had built with a Nvidia personal cinema which still is not working - no sound on tv, the engineer said that it had not got a lead from the sound card attached to it but did not have one on him

  Totally-braindead 20:07 19 Apr 2004

I've sent an email to the Forum Editor asking him to look at your thread as I'm unsure of where you stand regarding returning the PC after 6 months, I'm sure some of the others will advise though. On a personal note I think you've been very patient and if it was me I'd be sending it back and demanding a new PC. But as I said I'm on shaky ground here, so I'll leave it to the others to give their tuppence worth.

  JOHN S 20:22 19 Apr 2004

Just a thought but is there any known problems with the following components in my system as I know that some items just don't get on for no known reasons :-
512 PC3200 DDR 400
NEC 1300 DVD +/-RW

  JOHN S 20:27 19 Apr 2004

One other message that I have just found jotted down was :- Caution according to external frequency settings memory can only opperate at frequency higher than or equal to 333 mhz,this was the message that the opperator said that I needed an engineer to attend, because we reset the bios and it crashed right away

  Totally-braindead 20:34 19 Apr 2004

Have a look at
click here
This states the PCB and Bios required to run a 2800 processor, yours appears to need PCB 1.04 and Bios 1006 or 1011 depending on which 2800 processor you have. Its worth a quick look in case they mucked this up.

  JOHN S 21:01 19 Apr 2004

thanks Totally but we went through all this with the engineer, the reason that I said about a conflict was that I thought that I read somewere about a problem with 400ddr and asus motherboards
I may be wrong

  Totally-braindead 22:26 19 Apr 2004

Do you know anyone who has a PC using PC2700 memory? Its a long shot but if you do, and think it may be the memory and try that, reconfiguring the speed of course, at it runs ok then you'll have your answer( not much help if you don't know anyone I know but its an idea)

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