coolkishan 10:08 25 Jul 2005

Would this heatsink:

ThermalRight XP-90C (Socket 754/939/478) Heatsink

Fit on to this mobo:

Abit AW8-MAX Intel 955X (LGA775) PCI-Express Motherboard


  Jdoki 10:24 25 Jul 2005


As the XP-90C weighs in at 690g without a fan it exceeds the Intel recommendations for max weight of heatsink (from what I remember) - so technically no, it's not compatible with ANY mobo!!

However, ignoring that... I found this on the Thermalright click here website...

'With a customized LGA 775 adapter kit, XP-90 can be installed on a Intel Pentium 4 socket T motherboard. So far, we have not found any board that is not compatible with XP-90. (Some Asus socket T motherboards such as ASUS P5AD2 Premium may have mechanical issues due to Stack Cool module on back of motherboards. Please check with Thermalright resellers for new version LGA 775 adapter kit before you place your order.) We would appreciate if you could report them to here'.

From the reviews I've seen I thought that the XP-90C came with the LG775 bracket now (the XP-90 does not), but this site seems to suggest otherwise... may be worth checking with whoever you buy it from first.

In my (humble) opinion you may be better off with the aluminium XP-90 (I use one of these with my AMD64 3500, with a 92mm Vantec fan) - it's only about 2C hotter than the copper version, and is much lighter.

Or the current cream of the crop for HSF's is the Akasa AK913 - currently the 'Elite' recommendation for HSF's in Custom PC magazine.

  coolkishan 10:31 25 Jul 2005

If i did put the xp-90c on my mobo would it still work? Even though it exceeds the weight limit would it do any damage to my system? And would you reccomend using it?

  Jdoki 14:38 25 Jul 2005

I'd be asking myself these questions:

- Can I guarantee the HSF will fit my mobo?
Thermalright say they haven't found a board it doesn't fit - but that's not the same as saying it DOES fit yours specifically. I'd guess it'd be fine though, as the only boards I've heard were not compatible were AMD boards.

- Is the extra weight of the HSF worth only 1-2 degrees of improved cooling compared to the aluminium XP-90?
For me this is the clincher. No way is almost double the weight worth only 2 degrees better cooling. Here's a review click here

Out of the XP-90 and the XP-90C I'd always go for the plain old aluminium version. But when I next build a system I'd dump the XP-90 and go for the Akasa or something similar in design. I really didn't like the attachment method for the XP-90 - it may be different for a LGA775 mobo bracket, but for my AMD board it was very poor - mainly due to the huge surface area the thing requires.

Hope that helps!

  coolkishan 08:05 28 Jul 2005


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