Hardware compatibility??

  Tom123 20:57 24 Mar 2003

ok i have an Asus A7N8X mb and an Asus V9180VS graphics card. Since i have brought it everything ran smoothly and the dual screen worked like a charm. Since i reformatted my pc (win XP + SP1) errors started to occur, everytime i try to boot into windows, the screen goes black after the windows XP bootup screen, and then i have to restart the PC. Then windows will go to the advanced startup screen where. From there i usually choose "start windows normally" or "Last Known Good Configuration". Once i have selected one of the either, the same problem can persist, but if im lucky, i can get into windows. I have all the lastest drivers from Asus and Nvidia, and the latest bios from Asus too. And tried them all in different combinations. But nothign seems to resolve the problem. Whats wrong? I dont know if i maybe right or not, but i feel like my PSU is bringing my system down, could it be a possibility???

Heres my complete spec:
Asus A7N8X mb, Asus V9180VS graphics card (G4 MX440 x8 AGP), 512 Crucial DDR (x2 256), 2x 40 gig HDD, Sony CDRW, Pioneer DVD, 250W PSU

  Rtus 23:00 24 Mar 2003

I should have thought the problem lies in the reinstallation of the O/s not the PSU as it worked ok (even though its a 250wts unit)before this point.You havent changed any hardware so its unlikely to be that.its more like a corrupt file or ones that are missing.presumably the second hd is a data only unit (possibly leaving that out and the Cdrw unit too may help to clean install again)

  Tom123 23:15 24 Mar 2003

i understand what your saying, but ive reinstalled teh OS many times with this CD, and there have never been any problems, until i got this new graphics card

  Rtus 08:37 25 Mar 2003

Ok now understand the graphics card is new item to the unit.. So during install let windows get to the graphics card and you cancel the search for drivers at that point.it will default to standard windows drivers..it may look horrible but this should allow use of the system.Failing that Pop your old card back in, install the O/s, get it running under Std windows graphics settings add all you other neccesary drivers except the graphics one.Have every thing else sorted then check it will reboot a few times..Then change over to new graphics card.Let us know how you get on

  Tom123 19:49 25 Mar 2003

i have tried both methds but it seems like it wont boot without crashing. I dont know whats wrong

  Rtus 19:57 25 Mar 2003

are you starting right from scratch ,fdisk etc......Only use the one Hd (the one you wish to boot from in future and use the Dvd as Cdr drive and your floppy nothing else but do check all jumpers /cables to make sure they suit the Ide cable designations..

  AndySD 20:16 25 Mar 2003

boot into safe mode and check that there is only one graphics card installed.

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