Hardware advice for Vlans & setup ideas

  Rhys.hughes 22:13 30 May 2017

Hello all.

Just after some advice on hardware needed to complete my home network.

A rough idea of what I want to set with regards to VLANs

VLAN10 - This is for my CCTV - 4 x cameras DDNS so I can access my feeds over the internet Hoping this can be Static IP's or would a DHCP Server be better?

VLAN20 - This is for my TV Feeds. Looking at buying a HDAnywhere Pro 4x4. So this has 4 HDMI input sources (sat box, nvidia shield, fired stick, Xbox) and output to 4 TV locations, with the option to mirror x4. Internet access for streaming LAN for streaming HDMIZ over IP

This subnet will also host my SONOS sound system, which will link to one TV for surround sound. Also my echo dot to link my Spotify account

My Nvifia Shield will also host my PLEX server

VLAN30 - My general browsing network for my family to use FB, YouTube, etc. This will be wired and wireless. Wireless access point is needed for upstairs or other suggestions welcome. DHCP ?? DNS??

VLAN40 Guest access - WiFi only

Do this is my rough plan but open to suggestions and if it improves the network I am all ears.

I will need a VDSL router for my broadband, what is the best? Is a router only or a router with wireless features? What is the best option to split my vlan, layer 3? I have used HP MRS900 but the ports are only 100.

Should I look at a certain Switch?

Can I use 1 switch for all my VLANS? Ideally 1GB ports speed with PoE

Is it best to get a windows DHCP server to manage the VLAN's?

Best option for DNS?

Ways the reduce buffering, slow internet access? Should I use QoS?

I am just wondering what other people are doing in there setups? Can you recommend an easier way as I am on a budget do reducing cost will help.


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