Hardrive Question? ? ?

  andymiesta 00:51 20 Jan 2010

Hi I am upgrading my PC soon with a new, Graphics card, processor, motherboard, & RAM memory, and wanted to no if i will have to reformat my hardrive and have a fresh install of windows 7??. I am going from AMD socket 939 to intel quad core 775.....

  OTT_B 01:17 20 Jan 2010

I doubt it.

At worst you should be able to do a repair installation. You may get lucky (the beta version was good) and you can just transfer the drive straight over.

  howard64 06:54 20 Jan 2010

this is a new pc not an upgrade I would expect you will need to do a clean install followed by using the new motherboard drivers cd.

  crosstrainer 08:02 20 Jan 2010

A clean install will be essential. The drivers for your old motherboard are totally different and will need to be replaced.

Also bear in mind that if you do not have a FULL retail copy of Windows you will fall foul of Microsofts policy on re-installation and may have to purchase a new copy of the OS.

Some have pleaded that the motherboard blew, and have obtained a new key, but I'd check first.

If you can buy a bundle, the supplier may include a new copy with the new kit....Either way, a re-format and install will be required, so backup all tour music photo's docs. etc before installation of windows.

All your applications will also need to be re-installed as well.

  OTT_B 08:52 20 Jan 2010

Certainly on the beta release I was able to transfer a drive straight from one PC to another. Not sure if MS changed that for the final version.

  Paperplane 09:04 20 Jan 2010

Clean install is the only way.

  User-312386 15:54 20 Jan 2010

A clean install is the only way to go if you want a stable system! When windows installs it checks hardware and loads the nearest driver so you can get to the desktop!

  OTT_B 16:03 20 Jan 2010

I feel an experiment coming on.....

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