garabaldi 20:49 13 Apr 2005

hello im a novice when it comes to pc upgrades...my question is "Is it hard to install a new hardrive" a completely new one i mean thanx

  woodchip 20:53 13 Apr 2005

Do you mean to leave the other in and fit the new as a Slave to the old Master, or replace it

  ragingmountain 20:59 13 Apr 2005

If as a slave then there should be no problem atall, however if its a newer and faster hard drive than original you may want to consider transfering all your info from your old hard drive onto your new one. Most new HD's come with software to allow you to do this. Although it is advisable to back up key data first and to be sure you have your operating system cd's and reg codes.

However as getting a new HD it is sometimes a good time to get a fresh start with you operating system and do a clean install.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:10 13 Apr 2005

Make sure you have all the drivers for your motherboard graphics card modem etc.

1. Replace a HDD (fitting only)
click here

2. Enter BIOS ( during boot press del or F2)Set first boot device as CD rom 2nd as hard drive

3. Boot with XP CD in drive press any key to boot from CD when message appears

4.wait till XP gets to its three option menu select the first option to install

5. XP will inspect system, and install its XP operating system format the drive choose ntfs

  garabaldi 21:22 13 Apr 2005

ok so once the os is installed do i then install the driver i have saved mainly the modem and graphics cards etc?

  Totally-braindead 22:04 13 Apr 2005

The way you do it is 1. format the drive 2. install the operating system 3. install the motherboard drivers 4. install anything else such as graphics card drivers and modem.

  garabaldi 16:45 14 Apr 2005

i thought formatting was installing the os

  PsiFox 16:48 14 Apr 2005

Formatting is the term used to set up a hard drive ready to install an operating system.

  garabaldi 17:28 14 Apr 2005

so how do i get the harddrive ready for a operating installation...........sorry for my novice brain

  garabaldi 17:30 14 Apr 2005

also a guy told my to install the motherboard drivers first..........which are ?

  Diemmess 17:31 14 Apr 2005

As a comparison... (shows my primitive mind) Think of a hard disk as a huge storage room.

Formatting divides the space into little pigeon holes, and indexes every one so that they can be found later.

The operating system is the main office situated in a part of the main room, where standing orders are obeyed, and these orders on installation are placed in those pigeonholes and noted by the Office and forwarded to other places.

Partitioning if used, divides a storage room into separate parts before "formatting" each one.

Sorry if all this makes no sense, but have been itching to say it!

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