Harddrive transfer- peripherals problem

  jack O'lantern 17:41 14 Dec 2010

A tower has the front panel start button failure- an
attempted repair lasted no time at all - it pwas decided to simply transfer the primary harddrive to a spare tower with mostherboard and optical drives.
The first problem was trying to get LAN tto connect.
It failed.
Then it occured to me me that the systen needed the 'New' mobo utilities
Obtained the disc only to find the Optical drives
[there are two] are not being recognised.
So are optical drives reliant on the Mobo utilities disk?
Is not the Optical driver built into to Mobo firmware otherwise how does one load a system disk?

  GaT7 18:19 14 Dec 2010

That's odd for the optical drives not to be recognised by default. If they're IDE drives, do you have the correct master/slave jumper settings? Did you remember to connect power to them from the PSU? Are the necessary parameters in the BIOS correct? Set them to default, save & reboot. If that doesn't help, reset the CMOS & try again. G

  jack O'lantern 10:02 15 Dec 2010

The 'New machine' is a fully functionig machine with its own HDD in- swapping and caused no probelms it works exactly as the out going machine.
But I did wonder if the the Optical drive Power/Data cables had been disturbed in the swap and therefore checked that aspect.
My newxt move is to put te Utilities content onto a 'stick'[which does work] and take it from there.
Watch this space

  jack O'lantern 08:47 16 Dec 2010

Optical drive that is- so I amgiving up on that combination and wait a while- folk will be getting new kit for Christmas and - hopefully- discarding the old- so we shall see what comes up on free cycle.

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