harddrive problems

  holly polly 21:15 19 Jul 2003

hi ever since i bought this computor i have had problems wsith the harddrive ,shut down properly yesterday ,fired up today -scandisc came up improper shutdown checking disc for errors ,tried doing a standard scandisc could not suggest thorough,this i did after shutting down all programs screensaver etc scandisc got to within of 23100 of end of checking clusters and then froze the harddrive has been reformatted a number of times windows is fully updated with the patches from microsoft yet when my harddrive reaches a certain capacity the scandisc reports errors,is my harddrive had it or caN I REPAIR IT ,ALL ANSWERS AS USUAL GREATFULLY RECIVED ,CHEERS -HOL POL...

  madPentium 21:28 19 Jul 2003

If you go to the manufacturers web site for your hard drive, they usually have good testing software which you download for their products. Also, a lot of the time if there is a problem it fixes it. If there is a problem with it, bin it. It isnt worth the aggrovation or the risk to keep in onboard.

  Rayuk 21:32 19 Jul 2003

Dont you mean RMA it under warranty if possible

  holly polly 21:56 19 Jul 2003

harddrive doin me head in ,resolved myself to get a new drive thinking about a maxtor 120 gig ,what do you chaps reccomend?

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