Harddrive failure and recovery

  Qdiddy 20:38 24 Jul 2004

OK. So PC will not boot for love nor money, (have attempted XP recovery process to no avail).
During the boot up process, a series of white lines appear on the bottom of the screen and proceed to fill up. They stop doing anything after a few minutes and PC seems to switch off/on again and start the boot process all over again.

Question 1: (curiosity mainly) Do these white lines indicate something like scandisk is running?

Question 2: (the important one) If I were to install a new hardrive, make it the primary drive, and load XP onto it, what chance have I got at recovering the files on my original hardrive (now the slave?)

  jonnytub 20:41 24 Jul 2004

have u used a startup disk (floppy)?

  jonnytub 20:43 24 Jul 2004

Q2. remove second hdd all together, load xp onto new hdd, then add second one when all is running fine. good chance files will still be there.

  Qdiddy 20:51 24 Jul 2004

I was hoping you'd say that. Looks like I'm off to buy a new harddrive tomorrow!


  jonnytub 20:54 24 Jul 2004

no probs, ps those white lines are the process of the bios booting the pc up. you may just have a damaged master boot sector(mbr). can be repaired quite easily

  jonnytub 20:56 24 Jul 2004

so many things you could try first before shelling out on a new hdd

  Qdiddy 20:58 24 Jul 2004

I don't have a start up disc on floppy cause with W98 I always just used the CD. Seems to be a bit trickier with XP though.

How can I repair the master boot sector then?

  jonnytub 21:00 24 Jul 2004

you need to download the startup disk from click here first

  Qdiddy 21:00 24 Jul 2004

I'm all ears if you can help mate!

  jonnytub 21:05 24 Jul 2004

when you download the startup disk, copy the files to a blank floppy, switch the problem pc on with floppy in, when prompted select the option to start computer without cd rom. Once done and your at the command prompt type "fixmbr", without the quotations.

  Qdiddy 21:05 24 Jul 2004

Download is going to be a problem. I using a business laptop to type these messages, but there is a block on that stops any downloads. Even if I could I only have a cd drive on the laptop.

Nnext idea?

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