Harddisk Replacement

  boing 18:47 22 Dec 2006


When I boot my PC, SMART is telling me that my Primary disk is about to fail and that I should backup the data immediately. I have backed up my data and am ready to replace the drive.

The Primary drive is partitioned as drives C and D. I also have a Secondary drive partioned as E, F,G and H. My question is this. If I replace the Primary drive with a new one, partiion it as C and D, Install XP, etc.. Will I still be able to access the Secondary drive as E, F, G and H as before ?? I have backed up a lot of my data to the secondary drive.

  howard64 19:06 22 Dec 2006

if you partition as previously then the drive letters should remain as they are.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:18 22 Dec 2006

If you use drive copying software such as Acronis True image and coy the drive to your new one then all your settings and programs will remain as before.

  boing 19:26 22 Dec 2006

Thnks for your replies. I'm quite keen to have a clear out, you know, get rid of all that junk that builds up over time. I was thinking of replacing the Primary disk with a much large one anyway. You maybe interested to know that I downloaded some software to analyse the SMART info, and it shows that the fail error is 'Reallocated Sector Count' which is well below the threshold.

  boing 19:28 22 Dec 2006

PS - drive is a MAXTOR 6Y080L0 80Gb about 6 years old

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:34 22 Dec 2006

"I'm quite keen to have a clear out"

Make sure you
1. back up your drivers to the EFG drive
2. have your windows product key
3. have install disks for all your programs you want to reinstall
4.you can also backup your activation code to save reactivating.

  boing 17:05 23 Dec 2006

Where are all the drivers ? (windows\system32\drivers ??). How do I backup the activation code ?

  howard64 19:25 24 Dec 2006

this was on here some time back - Keep your activation status intact when reinstalling XP

Have you ever wanted to reformat the hard disk and reinstall Windows XP on a system but you didn't want to mess around with Microsoft's Product Activation after the reinstall? Fortunately, you don't have to.
As long as you aren't making any hardware alterations, you can back up the activation status files before you reformat the hard drive and then restore them after you reinstall the operating system.
To perform the backup, follow these steps:
1. Use Windows Explorer to open the C:\Windows\System32 folder.
2. Copy the Wpa.dbl and Wpa.bak files to a floppy disk or CD.

To perform the restore, follow these steps:
1. Decline the activation request at the end of the installation procedure, and restart Windows XP.
2. During bootup, press [F8] to access the Windows Advanced Options menu.
3. Choose the Safe Mode (SAFEBOOT_OPTION=Minimal) option.
4. Use Windows Explorer to open the C:\Windows\System32 folder.
5. If they exist, rename the new Wpa.dbl and Wpa.bak files to Wpadbl.new and Wpabak.new.
6. Copy the original Wpa.dbl and Wpa.bak files from the floppy disk or CD to the C:\Windows\System32 folder.
7. Restart the system.

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