Hard drive...still need help :-(

  Morpheus© 16:14 11 Jun 2003

hi all..again, this is the link to the first posts...anyway, carried out the operation..

click here

when the PC starts and get gets to the white text on the black background "you can see i know all about it" it lands up saying..

verifing DMI pool data

boot from ATAPI CDROM failure..

I thought it meant make it the first boot device, so i went in and changed it...still the same. could someone please explain, in english, what it means..thanks

  Diemmess 18:02 11 Jun 2003

What ATAPI stands for I can't expand. It doesn't really matter anyway and Google will tell you what it stands for .........but the error message is telling you that you can't boot from your CDROM, either there isn't a suitable disk in the drive, or the drive has failed in some way.

In your mobo BIOS there should be options for First Second and Other boot device.
I usually set Floppy as first device and HD 0 (that is zero) as the second.

My computer then quickly notes that there is no floppy in Drive A: and promptly looks for the boot drive on the first HDD that is C: or HD number zero.

  Morpheus© 18:22 11 Jun 2003

hi..it was set to floppy, i changed it to CD, this is a new hard drive it, i have copied over 21878 files, and on re-boot the above is the message i get....

  woodchip 18:26 11 Jun 2003

You need to use the Seagate software and remove it. As your Computer Bios is having probs reading other IDE devices. Atapi is a CD-ROM format so modern comps can recognise a CD-ROM Device

  Morpheus© 18:39 11 Jun 2003

hi. this brings it all back to the start, seagates software will not run when it finds windows on the drive....

  Rayuk 18:53 11 Jun 2003

Set up in bios as
1st boot A
2nd boot Ide0
3rd cdrom

Was there a disk in the drive??

  woodchip 18:54 11 Jun 2003

Have you started your comp with the Seagate floppy disc. you have to remove Disc overlay software that you have put on it. You may have to clear the drive with the software first. Check the instructions

  Morpheus© 19:08 11 Jun 2003

hi...there was no disk in the drive, because all the files were transfered from master to slave, then the slave was made master, by going to "run" and typing in the "xcopy c:\*.* / and so on...seagates disk wizard will not format a drive, like it does when the drive is new, when it finds that windows is already on the drive..from what i gather, the drive needs to be "low level format" :-(( it seems to be getting to the stage when the drive will be taken out, and get a new one and start again..


  woodchip 22:13 11 Jun 2003

Go to C:\Prompt and type DM and press enter see what happens

  Morpheus© 22:54 11 Jun 2003

hi...is there a trick of the trade for getting to the C:\> because i can not seem to get that far.


  woodchip 22:57 11 Jun 2003

If you are WinXP you can try it from the run box. If Win 98 Start with setup floppy and change to C:\

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