Hard drive.Srange Behavior

  The_Eagle 21:14 11 Mar 2006

Took two hard drives out and installed one 120 Gig as Master.POST is slow then i get a hard drive failure message If i instal one of the old drives as slave then things return to normal.Any ideas please.

  woodchip 21:20 11 Mar 2006

After you fitted the Drive did you reload windows etc? also did you go into BIOS and get the drive detected

  Storik 21:28 11 Mar 2006

Well, as woodchip suggested, did you use the auto detect in the Bios?
If so, are you installing your operating system on your new one or leaving it on your second drive? You would need to boot from the drive on which your operating system is installed - but of course, you already know that! :-)

The first thing I would look at is your jumper settings on your new drive, and whether the old drive is set as slave. Western Digital drives with a slave drive attached, need the jumper settings "Master with Slave".

Check both jumper settings and that your drives are attached to the cable correctly.

Hope this will help!


  The_Eagle 21:30 11 Mar 2006

Changed boot order in BIOS.Boot up from XP cd.Formatted the drive then installed WindCanged boot order back on completion.This is the second machine in a week that this has taken place.Is it something that i am doing.

  The_Eagle 21:31 11 Mar 2006

New drive as master,old drive as slave

  The_Eagle 21:31 11 Mar 2006

Old drive only has data file loaded

  woodchip 21:32 11 Mar 2006

It's got to be

  The_Eagle 21:34 11 Mar 2006

Missed the the Master with Slave part.Have not come across this before.Hard drive set as Master only.

  The_Eagle 21:36 11 Mar 2006

On both machines the Slave drives are from different manufacturers than Western Digital.Would this be an issue.

  woodchip 21:40 11 Mar 2006

It can do, but it should not happen with newish computers. Put master drives on end of Ribbon slaves on middle connector

  Storik 21:48 11 Mar 2006

"On both machines the Slave drives are from different manufacturers than Western Digital.Would this be an issue."

No I don't think so. :)

If I understand correctly, the problem is only when the new drive is a standalone Master? This suggests to me that the jumper settings on the new drive, are incorrect - but there again, I may be wrong - unless, of course the settings on both drives are wrong.

Set the new drive as Master, without slave and try again - incidentally are you using an 80 pin cable, because the attachment of the hard drives to this can be important. Blue to motherboard, black to master and grey to slave - I think is correct (remembering offhand).

When installing Windows XP it can partition and format your hard drives during installation - again you probably are aware of this already. :-)

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