hard drives what fills them?

  bigboab y 12:47 19 Mar 2004

I have a 20 gig hard drive. there are 6 gigs free >I have added up all the stuff in my documents,programs,foto's etc etc which i reckon comes to about 4 gigs. My query is whats using the other 10 gigs? Is there a way i can find out what that stuff is ?? and is there any way to get rid of some of it ? Confident one of you guys/gals will know the answer !!

  MichelleC 13:12 19 Mar 2004

Under Folder Options/View check 'show hidden files and folders' which will give you more mb's to count.

  bigboab y 13:15 19 Mar 2004

thanks michelle ..havnt done that yet, but is there a way to know what to keep and what not to keep?

  The Spires 14:19 19 Mar 2004

click here was posted by Gandalph a few weeks ago, great for viewing where the space goes.

  jack 14:50 19 Mar 2004

heres is a little tip
by Tom Dimery
Your computer stores a record of every programme, web site, financial
transaction, in fact every thing you have ever done since the operating
system was first installed.
The Windows functions cannot delete this information that is stored in
files placed by Microsoft in the system.
Many people and companies have tried to find out the reason for the files
with no answer from Microsoft. These files or spyware was inserted at the
request of the U. S. Government.
You have most likely read of people charged for having pornographic material on their computers, this information is obtained from files called Index.dat.
You can read a tiny bit of this information if you open the files with
Word or Excel, but to see the full details you need a programme similar to that used by computer hackers, Government or otherwise.
A free programme to do this is WinSpy obtainable from click here this is free and safe to use.
Run this programme and be amazed at what you find, if you have received Porno SP AM or been redirected to one of these sites the information is there. So is a
Record of online transactions from which credit card details can be extracted
Using more advanced software. This is the target of Hackers who try to access
Your computer while you is online.
Windows will not let you delete these Index.dat files but you can do it
with a number of commercial programmes and one or two free programmes.
I. Tracks Eraser and Tracks Eraser Pro available from click here Commercial
2. My Privacy available from click here
3. Spider available from click here

I use a combination of Winspy and Tracks Eraser Pro to clean my computers
as an example Tracks Pro configured to remove Index.dat files, cookies and
history files released 280MB on a computer used for 8 months.
This gives you an idea of the information stored and readable about your computer habits and business dealings.
The last time I checked Spider it would not work on WindowsXP but was fine
On earlier versions, the others work on any version. Download and run WinSpy
But print out the tutorial and set-up information on the others before running
Them as there are options you may not want to use.
There are three copies of Index. dat in Windows 98, SE, and ME and are
hidden in the registry and in C:\WINDOWS\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IES and C:\WINDOWS\Cookies.
There are far more in WindowsXP but the important ones are in the Cookies
And UserData folders in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator and
C:\Documents and Settings\ Youname and hidden in the registry.
The above programmes do all the searching and deleting for you and use MOD
Standards deletion methods.

  JerryJay 15:02 19 Mar 2004

One thing to check first, what file system you are using, if it is FAT, then a lot of space will be wasted. You need to use FAT32 or NTFS. So, you may ask why?

Hard disk are formated in small block (just like the box), then file are stored in those blocks (boxes). FAT use bigger block size than FAT32 and NTFS.

Assume the block size is 1000 (1K just for illustration), if you have file with size 10,000, it will use 10 blocks (boxes). A file size 1000 uses 1 box, however a file with size 100 will use 1 block (box) NOT 1/10 of block. So space of 900 in this box is wasted. One box cannot take more than one file. If you have a lot of small file, then you waste a lot of space due to unfilled boxes. When you use internet, a lot of small files are downloaded (without you know it), so a lot of spaces.

You can run disk clean up to recovery some space wasted by temp internet files.

So it is best to use FAT32 or NTFS system, unless you use the oprginal win95 which does not support fat32/NTFS.

  bigboab y 16:10 19 Mar 2004

Great stuff guys and gals tamuchly

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