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  jerryj 12:49 23 Jul 2003

I just bought a new motherboard with SATA. I wanted to use raid but my old hard drives will not conect to the SATA. What I want to know is. 1. Do I buy 2 SATA covertors for my old hard drives. 2. Buy a PCI raid controler card. 3. Buy a new SATA hard drive, if I just get 1 how much slower will it be.

  Rowey 13:32 23 Jul 2003

I've just bought an Abit nf7-s with sata raid.

I've sold my old ide hdd's and bought two new 120gb sata's to put into a raid0 setup.

You can get converters for your old drives but you won't get the speed of SATA drives.

Definately worth you going for the raid setup though.

  mrdsgs 16:28 23 Jul 2003

i would go with option 2

current sata is rated 150 whereas ide is 133, using raid 0 with two drives the difference in speed will be negligible if the hds are identical in other respects.
ie: 133+133 = 266, 150 + 150 = 300

i make that a 12.8% improvement but i doubt you will actually notioce the difference because you will have a memory bottleneck elsewhere, possibly with graphics.

serious speed will come in next generation sata drives running at 200-300

however the current speed deamon remains scsi raid 0 with several U320 (and now U640) 15,000rpm drives (usually 4).

However, this comes at a price, a big price!!!


  DieSse 17:09 23 Jul 2003

Don't be misled by the ATA interface speed - only stuff from the cache can come out anywhere near those speeds - sustained rates from the drives are doing well to get to 50mbps.

That's why 15,000 rpm drives perform much faster - the data actually comes off the disk at twice the speed!

  jerryj 17:27 23 Jul 2003

Im not wooried about the speed. I just didnt want to waste money on buying 2 new SATA hard drives because my IDE ones are only a couple of months old

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