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  Happy37 21:27 07 May 2008

Hello everyone

I have got a 2 PC setup where 1 PC is working fine (the 1 that I am writing this on), yet my other PC with an Intel Pentium 4 processor running at 2.4Ghz with 2GB of RAM has all of sudden tonight giving me warnings about the hard drives???

By warnings, I mean to say that the HDD Health program that I have got installed on both PCs keeps on popping up with a box stating that the HDD temperatures are at a critical 45 degrees, 50 degrees and so on!!!

I have just finished backing up the whole of my 2nd partition which is on a separate second HDD in that machine. I will back up the 1st partition which is on another, separate HDD with the OS, programs and so on tomorrow.

My question, however, is this:-

What do these temperature warnings mean? - does it mean that the HDDs are on their way out, and shall I backup everything quickly...i.e. tomorrow and replace both of them ASAP???

If there is anything that I have not mentioned here, please let me know.

Thanks for your help.



  MAT ALAN 21:32 07 May 2008

click here

it would suggest you have an airflow problem that you must address,

  Happy37 21:42 07 May 2008


Thanks for your suggestion, yet I have never had these error message before today, so why now all of a sudden?

What about my data? - am I right to back it all up to another location just in case?

What does anyone else think?

Please let me know.



  MAT ALAN 21:48 07 May 2008

backing up your data is not a bad idea (should be done anyway)

yet I have never had these error message before today, gotta happen sometime, could be an accumulation of dust, case fans breaking down,blocked grilles in tower
it could be inaccurate data from your chosen HDD health prog...

  Ditch999 21:53 07 May 2008

You are right to back everything up. Everyone should as standard practice. The increase in temps could indicate imminent disk failureand you would lose everything. When you say a P4 2.4Ghz I take it that it is quite a few years old so you could expect disk failure. You can run disk test utilities (from your disk maker) to test the suspect disks but these add to the strain the disk is under and can cause it to fail altogether. But as you have backed up it would be better to know now.

  Happy37 08:33 08 May 2008

MAT ALAN and Ditch999

Thanks again for your replies...

I have still got the main C drive partition to backup which I will do tonight. Apart from that, I will open the case to have a look to see if anything is amiss, and I will also clean things up if needed.


You said:-

"When you say a P4 2.4Ghz I take it that it is quite a few years old so you could expect disk failure."

Quite rightly so...the particular PC in question was put together and I purchased it in March 2003, and I haven't had that many problems with it since then.

However, I am not going to check the hard disks out due to the extra strain any testing might put on them.

I will just back the remainder of my data up and replace both of the hard disks. Should hard disks normally last longer than 5 years, or is it normal that they pack up after this amount of time?

Is there anything else that you can suggest, please...regarding temperatures and cooling etc...?

I forgot to add that the HDD Health program also stated something along the lines that "the temperature of this disk is 50 degrees, although not critical, you should think about additional cooling"

Do I take that at face value, knowing that I have never had these error message before today, so why now all of a sudden?

Look forward to all responses - gratefully received.



  Technotiger 08:40 08 May 2008

If you have not been 'inside' that PC since 2003 you had better wear wellies and a face-mask, the dust and fluff in there will probably be knee-deep! A good clean-out will make all the difference, it is even possible that the hard-drive is not at fault.

  Happy37 08:57 08 May 2008


Thanks for your reply - I should have said that I have recently cleaned up inside that particular PC anyway...I am unnerved just a bit about the warnings about the temperatures.

I am going to install an updated version of HDD Health from click here tonight to see if it picks up anything else that I already don't know.

The backup of my C drive is my first priority and I will do that 1st thing when I get home tonight.

Any other suggestions, please?

Thanks again.



  Happy37 08:14 09 May 2008

Technotiger and others

Here's an update to this situation - any responses as to what you all think that I should do next will be gratefully received.

Last night, I opened up the case of the PC in question and cleaned it out as best as I could.

I also moved the second slave HDD down a notch from where it originally was connected to the Master so that there is now a big gap in between both.

I also cleaned the case fan on the side as well as blowing out as much dust as possible from the PSU.

I also uninstalled my old version of HDD Health and installed the latest one from click here

Here's what I find very strange about things that are happening:-

The old version of HDD Health was flagging up warnings about the hard disks left, right and centre!!! - however, this new version was showing the temperature from 30 degrees when the PC is idle up to 42 degrees under load when I did my urgent backup of the C drive partition – no problems as far as the backup was concerned!!!

So, what do you all think? - BTW, the health status of both drives (120GB Western Digitals) is shown to be excellent, and there were no warnings whatsoever regarding critical temperatures.

Here's what I am now thinking of doing:-

1. Now that I have backed up both partitions of that PC to an external USB HDD device, I am still thinking of getting new drives to replace the ones that are in the PC at the moment. This is because I am not entirely convinced about the reliability of the reported temperatures, or am I being paranoid here?

Is there any other program out there that will definitely tell me the true status of the hard drives health?

Here is the drive that I am thinking of getting as a replacement for both that are currently in there:-

click here

2. Should I completely ignore this fact about getting new drives (what would happen in case both drives do pack up in the near future?), and just get an additional cooling fan to cool the hard disks even more? BTW, there is a fan at the front of the case that is cooling the disks at the moment.

Would it help to get another one?

3. Is there else that I have not mentioned above that would help, or do you all think that I should go about doing things differently?

Apologies for the lengthy post, yet I am really concerned about this situation now, and the more info I provide, I hope that it will help you all to help me get to the bottom of things quickly and efficiently.

Thanks for all your help so far with this – it’s much appreciated.



  Happy37 08:16 09 May 2008

Forgot to add that the temperature of the Slave HDD was shown to be -1 degrees???!!!

Why is that - as MAT ALAN has already said:-

"inaccurate data from your chosen HDD health prog..."???

  Happy37 09:22 09 May 2008


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