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  linguina 14:55 19 Jan 2003
  linguina 14:55 19 Jan 2003

Can someone tell me what's the difference between HDD SCSI and HDD IDE and the good and down side of each, please?

  Sdram 15:02 19 Jan 2003

SCSI is faster and much more expensive, and SCSI devices can in general be more temperamental, though I have no experience of SCSI HDDs.
Suggest strongly you stay with IDE used by almost all PC users.

  linguina 15:23 19 Jan 2003

Does anyone have some links where to read more about this topic?

  Quiller. 15:31 19 Jan 2003

SCSI hard drives usually work up to 15000 rpm. They are more expensive than IDE, 7200 rpm. There usual task now is to work in servers that are used constantly 24 hours a day. at one time purists in computing used them for the faster access and read times. Now that Ide has gone to 7200 and can give burst rates of ata133. The cost factor now does not seem to justify SCSI drives over IDE to the home or general office user.

  pj123 15:34 19 Jan 2003

SCSI drives are usually external Hard Drives to enable one to take them from one computer to another but as most PCs don't have SCSI cards or ports anymore you may be on your own. I have a SCSI card in my PC but it is used for a digital camera.

  powerless 15:34 19 Jan 2003
  pj123 15:35 19 Jan 2003

Sorry, also meant to say that it might be worth going to Adaptec site as they do SCSI cards.

  Diemmess 16:07 19 Jan 2003

For simplicity and cost stay with IDE

My Western Digital 4.3Gb SCSI HDD is about 5years old and is my boot drive. It is connected by a "host card" to a PCI slot.... The back end of the card has a 50pin Micro D socket for an Epson SCSI scanner, or external device.
One advantage is that I can chain other devices into the host leaving all the other PCI slots and
IDE controllers for other things.

Utterly reliable (or it was until I wrote those fateful words), the circuit also supports a Jaz drive and internal TEAC (SCSI) burner. The Bios had to be told to boot from SCSI otherwise once set up it's fine.

Would I go this way again? No not the way the prices go today, but no regrets for what is done.

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