hard drive/fan struggling

  rubygxx 09:37 24 Jul 2011

Hello, i am not sure what is making the noise, but for the last week or two , when i switch on the pc, this revving starts before it even loads and goes on most of the time its on, it will stop for a few minutes then off it goes again, even if no one is using the computer, it sounds like it is revving or struggling in some way , i am going to open it up and give it a clean inside see if that helps, but if not does anyone else have any idea what it might be, i think this pc is around 4 year old and it is on all day most days , maybe it is just giving up now, but if anyone can suggest what i might be able to do, i am getting a laptop and wanted to give this pc to my grandson as his first pc, but it might now last that long ! thanks for any help.

  Diemmess 11:10 24 Jul 2011

Most HDs do not have a fan so my guess is either a case fan, the CPU fan or likely the videocard fan. If the inside of your computer generally looks dusty, then you can be pretty sure the fans and their surroundings will have a huge load of caked dust.

You need to establish which fan is the noisy one. Use a soft paintbrush or paper spill to stop the fan momentarily.

Opinions differ about how to clean these fans, my own way is to switch off of course, remove the side of the case and with a vacuum cleaner nozzle close to collect whatever is dislodged as you stroke the blades and every part of the fan and its case.

If you can extract the video card, do so, it will be mush easier to access the naughty bits.

The CPU fan varies enormously from PC to PC, and with all fans and particularly this one, be very careful about what you disturb. Sometimes it cannot be cleaned without removing the CPU itself. That takes you into a much more finicky game which is best avoided if you can.

With luck and an accessible fan, you may be quite startled by the quiet of the computer once more.

  johndrew 13:02 24 Jul 2011

What motherboard is fitted? I ask because some, like the Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe and others, have a fan on the chipset which makes a lot of noise as it gets older. These can be replaced with either similar units or heatsinks with a remote fan.

One way of checking which fan is noisy is to use something such as Everest Home (free) and look at the various temperatures and fan speeds.

  robin_x 13:56 24 Jul 2011

My laptop fan became intermittently noisy after a few months.

Tapping the case cured it for seconds, minutes, hours or days.

When I took it apart, I found it was 'sticky'. ie did not spin with my finger smoothly.

Resigned to replacing the fan, I thought I might try lubricating it first. It worked.

3 in 1 not WD40 for these things.

Have a good look at which fan is causing your noise, make sure it is not dirty, catching on something, or simply loose and then try a drop of oil.

You may need to replace it though in worst case.

(Note in my case I was able to pull the blade assy off its spindle. It was only held magnetically. Not all fans may be so easy)

  robin_x 14:00 24 Jul 2011

Google "how to lubricate fan" for various sites that come up mostly about PC and GPU fans

  rubygxx 06:55 25 Jul 2011

the motherboard make is San Francisco 2, it is a packardbell OEM pc, the motherboard is actually made by Foxcon, but when i first got pc i printed out the details of my pc from packardbell website, which it seems is impossible to get now, but it says it is a San Francisco 2, i have not got round to opening it yet and cleaning so i will get back when i have done this, my laptop should be arriving soon , once i have that i will get onto the cleaning job , thanks for all the replies .

  onthelimit1 08:55 25 Jul 2011

Could be the CPU heatsink is choked with dust, so the software has the fan spinning at max chat to try to cool it down. Compressed air is the best way, but touch the fan to stop it spinning while you do so (fan can turn into a generator which can blow circuits downstream).

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