Hard drive works as slave but not master

  ray197222 19:14 10 Sep 2004

I installed windows xp inadvertantly with the jumpers set to slave and it works fine but i have a back up hard drive so i put the jumpers to the master position and it wont boot up the bios finds it no problem but just wont boot

  zanwalk 20:17 10 Sep 2004

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but are you actually changing the cable (i.e. from middle connector to end connector) when you change the jumpers?

  ray197222 20:22 10 Sep 2004

yes and im only trying to boot up this drive

  Dorsai 20:27 10 Sep 2004

May well have hit it.

I made this mistake.

If your Mobo supports cable select, and the cable you have does also, then the jumper setting on the disk are over ridden/confused by the HDD's potition on the cable, if you have a cable select cable, a cable select mobo, and set jumpers to master or slave, but put a HDD jumpered as master on the slave end of the cable.

click here

master devices go on the middle cable plug. slave at the end. set jumpers on CS.

  ray197222 20:31 10 Sep 2004

no i dont have cable select

  cream. 20:33 10 Sep 2004

Have you re-calibrated the bios?

Start the computer and enter the bios. For primary master and primary slave change the settings to none, save settings and exit. The computer will re boot. Enter the bios again and change both settings from none to auto, save settings and exit.

Or you could set the drives ( jumpers) to cable select. The info will be on top of the hard drives.

  Dorsai 20:54 10 Sep 2004

I did not tink i had CS, hat is how i Made the mistake.

  ray197222 21:22 10 Sep 2004

I have no explanation but i switched the hard drive cable end and the cd rom cable end around on the board and everything is working great thanks for all your help Ray

  ray197222 21:26 10 Sep 2004

I presume it reset the bios for everything

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