Hard Drive Wipeout

  charmingman 13:17 23 Apr 2008

Hi all i have just had my hard drive i think wiped out with some kinda trojan, when i try to get online its not letting me & ive restored the pc 4 times & give up there then i formatting the FDrive but although i used to on XP this Vista isnt that easy or is it..?

NOw i find that the pc wont boot past Bios...?? bizzare...

Anyone can help me please Oh & i DONT have the Vista disc as the pc came already installed but i have another Vista pc that i am using now if anyone has any Url's/Links to get a formatting prog..Also the pic's i have included here i have done everything the screen's was telling me plenty of times...& Nothing..?
heres some pic's of what i am getting when i boot it:

click here

click here

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  Gringo2005 13:32 23 Apr 2008

Does the hardware appear in the BIOS?

You may have a diagnostic tools in the BIOS so suggest using that to elimate a hardware fault

Had a similiar problem recently on a laptop with XP Home, had to replace drive as it was unusable.
User suggested it was due to something off the web and had similiar errors

Hope that helps

  Lee.C 13:33 23 Apr 2008

If your pc didn't come with a Vista disc, there should be a back-up on a separate partition of the hard drive (hope it wasn't on the F Drive you formatted!).

It varies between manufacturers, but usually you can access it by pressing a certain key combination right after booting up.
If you can get to it, there should be an option to reinstall windows without deleting your documents.

  charmingman 13:39 23 Apr 2008

Hi guys thankx for your replies, ive not managed to format the drive yet but i want to as i think its totaly corrupted any idea how to from this level where i cant get to desktop..?

  Gringo2005 15:04 23 Apr 2008

Try this;

- Start machine up
- There will be a message at the bottom of the screen, telling you which key to press to access BIOS (Normally F2, F9 or DELETE key)
- Check in BIOS for settings or a reboot/repair file and then follow instructions

Hopefully your back-up partition will kick in.

Other option is to contact who you purchased the machine from and ask for assistance

  Woolwell 15:21 23 Apr 2008

Is this your ex e-bay machine?

  charmingman 15:58 23 Apr 2008

Hi guys here's what i see when i F2 or F12 it....??? i couldnt see anything..??? Oh "Woolwell" the answer to your question is "NO" its not my ebay machine.lol

click here

click here

  Lee.C 16:27 23 Apr 2008

It might be worth trying 'Utility partition' (bottom of second picture) and seeing what options you get there.

If that's nothing do with the backup, come straight out without changing anything and let us know the brand/model of your pc. There should be a way of checking i) is there actually a backup to look for ii) if so how do you access it.

  charmingman 20:20 23 Apr 2008

hi all, i tried the xp disc to start from scratch it took it & it all seemed ok & it formatted it BUT after i installed the microsoft updates it died on me & wont boot to destktop..?? any ideas so it now has XP not vista..???

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