bigdamouk 00:51 13 Feb 2003

I know this is probably me being a bit stupid, but i want to format my Hd, when i type format C: it comes up with "Bad Command or file".....ive tried different variations including all in upper case and still comes up with this.....any ideas...im currently running ME....this has the restore option which doesn't format but just put it back over the existing copy.
Thanks in advance

  Ironman556 00:56 13 Feb 2003

Have you booted from floppy?

Is the drive NTFS? I think ME probably uses FAT32, btu I'm not sure. If it is NTFS formatted, then go into Fdisk and delete the non-dos partition, and then create a new primary DOS, from there you can format and re-install.

  bigdamouk 00:57 13 Feb 2003

yup booted from floppy........the drive is FAT32.

  DieSse 01:01 13 Feb 2003

When you boot from the floppy, you need to do the format c: when at the A:> prompt.

If you've done this, then the format command is not on the floppy disk. You can find it and copy it to the floppy from the C:/windows/command folder

  bigdamouk 01:06 13 Feb 2003

thanks DieSse, i did the format at the a: prompt, but it still came up.i cant think why the floopy wouldnt have the command on as its the system recovery floppy that came with the pc along with the "Recovery" version of ME...All from TINY (what can i say)
But i will try create a new start up disk and make sure the commands on.

  Pcloe 08:01 13 Feb 2003

Hey what i do is disable boot from HDD in the bios and enable boot from CDROM. When you reboot press boot with CD support. That should go in to dos and then you van format c:\

  medicine hat 09:26 13 Feb 2003

When you are at the A:\> prompt type dir/p which will list everything on the floppy so you can ensure that format is there

  « Ravin » 09:36 13 Feb 2003

best is to use a windows me start up disk. go to control panel , add/remove programs and look under the startup tab.

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