Hard Drive Will Not Boot

  robert22 12:28 24 May 2006

I am wanting to install a new drive into an old PII 400MHz PC. Existing drive is an 8.4 GB with two partitions for Win98 SE, applications (C:\) and Data (D:\). I have installed the drive as Primary slave with the Cap limit jumper in place, then using Maxblast 4, I formatted and partitioned the drive so the full size is now accessible. The drive now shows a E:\.
Using MaxBlast 4 partition to partition copy, I have copied the entire contents of C:\ to E:\ and the swapped the jumpers on the drive so the new is now primary master and old one is slave. When attempting to boot to the new drive the system does not recognise the drive in the BIOS and ask to insert a system disk and press enter.

When I swap the jumpers back all is OK but when I look at the new drive it shows as not bootable, MaxBlast 4 partition to partition copy says it will make the new drive Bootable but this does not seem to be happening after three attempts.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:38 24 May 2006

With just the new drive set as master connected is the drive recognised by the BIOS as you boot up? You should see it on the first POST screen.

  robert22 14:13 24 May 2006

Yes,it does detect the drive but then i get nothing, just no system disk present. system does not even load the Maxtor DDO software as it does when it boots from the old drive

  Terry Brown 14:40 24 May 2006

Have you tried going to RUN, MSCONFIG and running the BOOT.INI system, as this checks for valid boot drives and will advise you if the boot drive is in error

  rawprawn 14:55 24 May 2006

Check the connections to the HD and motherboard. I had a problem like that last week, I could find nothing wrong but when I rebooted it was OK. It must have been a very small bad connection, something not quite seated properly.

  robert22 20:26 24 May 2006

Can't be the connections as all i did was swap the jumpers and then nothing when i swap them back both drive are recognised no problem. Maxblast 4 help says...

"When copying from partition to partition, if the destination partition is a primary partition, Drive-To-Drive copy will make the partition bootable. This allows you to migrate your operating system to a new drive even if the drive was not partitioned using MaxBlast 4.2

This does not seem to be happening but all the data is being copied across, is there an easy way of making the drive bootable? Will Fdisk allow me to create a new bootable primay partition on the new drive if I boot to DOS from the old drive?

  Imho 00:22 26 May 2006

The drive will not boot unless marked as "Active"
ie bootable.
Fdisk should show the primary partition Status as 'A'

Fdisk should allow you to simply set the existing partition to Active.
Creating a new partition will probably mean starting again.

  robert22 19:21 29 May 2006

Finally got back to the Father in Laws...Checked all connections, all ok. Tried FDISK but would only let me set one partition on the old drive as active and would not display that option when I selected the new drive. Started from scratch but did not use the drive to drive copy option. all is now ok and drive is running.

Thanks all for the assistance.

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