Hard drive is whirring and scratching. Crystal disc says all ok?

  famma 14:17 24 Apr 2012

Samsung R530 laptop

windows 7 home premium

About a week ago my computer started making strange and unhealthy sounds in the hard drive region of the computer. I have checked with crystal disc and it says that everything is all OK, I'm concerned about hard drive failure. Any help appreciated.

  northumbria61 14:35 24 Apr 2012

Some hard drives can be noisy but if yours has just started then it could be cause for concern although I wouldn't want you to be worried unnecessarily.

Hard drives do fail. It is not a question of why but when! They have moving parts.

You should always have a backup of your computer either as a full backup to restore should anything go wrong OR at the very least a backup of all your Data.

If you haven't then I would advise that you do that a.s.a.p. - it is no good shutting the stable door after the horse has got out!

  famma 14:47 24 Apr 2012

thanks for helping. Would a full backup save windows 7 as well? It came installed on the computer and I don't have any reinstall discs. Thanks

  wee eddie 16:27 24 Apr 2012

Just a thought

Check that all your RAM is still working and that the Cooling, in the Case, is effective and not clogged.

  john bunyan 16:28 24 Apr 2012

It would if you make a clone of the drive using someting like Acronis True Image.In the meantime I would copy all your data to a back up drive asap.To make an image or clone you need specialist software like ATI.I am not sure if the built in W7 backup would be as reliable but it is worth doing it. With ATI you can use their CD as a boot disc. Do look up making a recovery CD if you decide to use the W7 backup method.

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