Hard drive and WGA

  bluto1 21:02 07 Nov 2007

I'm starting to accumulate all I need to start building myself a new PC and a thought about WGA keeps niggling me. I intend to use the two existing HDDs I've got, one of which contains my OS. Will this be legal under the WGA rules? I believe Microsoft know the configuration of my present PC.
My OS is XP Home SP2.

  ambra4 21:25 07 Nov 2007

Go to this site and download and run on computer

click here

Take a read that this site and look at this section Criticisms

I remove it about 2 years from all my personal and company computers and still get all the updates for 2000, XP, server 2003

click here

  bluto1 07:27 08 Nov 2007

Thanks for info. I'll read it later

  Batch 08:58 08 Nov 2007

If you've got a full retail version of WinXP (re-)activation should not be a problem, although you might need to ring Microsoft to explain that your old PC is effectively defunct (I presume that is the case).

If it is an OEM version of XP, then it is a different matter (if the OS was supplied with the PC it is almost certainly OEM). These are restricted to use on a single PC and cannot be transferred (even if removed from the original PC). You might be lucky and find that Microsoft let you (re-)activate, but chances are that they would say that it is a different PC.

Activation relies on a hash of information including the likes of hard disks, processor, motherboard, network device and so on. You are allowed to make limited changes (within a given time period). Having every new apart from the disks would really count as "limited changes" and would be flagged up for you to re-activate / contact Microsoft and then the above retail versus OEM issues would kick in.

  bluto1 21:13 08 Nov 2007

I've not yet looked at ambra4s link,as I've just arrived home. However to put matters right, my disc was a bought and paid for Update copy, so I presume it's not governed by the same rules as OEM copies. It'll all no doubt become clearer when I've read the link. Thanks a lot for your input.

  bluto1 21:24 08 Nov 2007

Your links make good reading and I'll take a note of the urls in case I ever need them. My OS is legit, all I wanted to know was, could I just leave it on it's present HDD and physically install that HDD in my new self built PC. I suppose I could phone Microsoft, explain the situation and plead poverty. That might work.:-))

  Batch 12:13 09 Nov 2007

just realised that I'd mis-type the last bit of my post. Should have read:

Having everything new apart from the disks would NOT really count as "limited changes" and would be flagged up for you to re-activate / contact Microsoft and then the above retail versus OEM issues would kick in.

  keef66 13:35 09 Nov 2007

You may find you have to do a repair install before the os will work with the new motherboard unless it's identical to the old one. How that works with an upgrade disk I have no idea, and would be interested to hear how you get on.

Pleading poverty won't cut any ice with M$!

  bluto1 10:32 10 Nov 2007

Thanks again guys. Pleading poverty doesn't work anywhere keef66, even with my wife!!

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